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5 Roofing Scams to Watch Out For

Each year, homeowners fall victim to a variety of roofing scams. Your roof plays a huge role in protecting your property, so when it needs repaired, most people want to act fast. This in and of itself leaves homeowners vulnerable to fraudulent contractors. Above & Beyond Roofing wants to educate you on how to avoid the most common scams.

1. Storm Chasers
While the out-of-town storm chasers are the most publicized roofing scam out there, many people still fall victim. These roofers travel across the country following storm patterns and looking for homeowners to exploit. They will pass out leaflets in areas affected by storms, and may even show up unannounced offering free roof inspections. With the large amounts of rain we've had recently, homeowners should be on high alert for these frauds. If you are concerned with how a storm may have affected your roof, call a trusted local roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks to come out and take a look at it. Reputable, local compan…

31 Christmas Fun Facts

The holiday season is a time to spend with family and friends, often times people you don't get to see that often. With Christmas just a couple days away, many of you are preparing for these out-of-town guests to arrive. Here are some fun Christmas facts that are sure to impress those holiday guests!

1. Scientists calculated that Santa would have to visit 822 homes per second in order to deliver presents to the entire world on Christmas Eve. He would also have to travel at 650 miles per second.

2. The tradition of putting tangerines in stockings comes from 12th-century French nuns who left socks full of fruit and nuts at the houses of the poor.

3. Christmas carols began as an old English custom called wassailing, which was toasting neighbors to a long life.

4. Hanging stockings out comes from the Dutch custom of leaving shoes packed with food for St. Nicholas' donkeys. He would leave small gifts in return.

5. The word "Noel" derives from the French expression "l…

How to Hang Christmas Lights WITHOUT Damaging Your Roof

As Christmas approaches, many of you are getting your decorations up. Christmas lights are a great way to show your holiday spirit, if you hang them correctly. Use these tips to get your Christmas lights hung without damaging your roofing at the Lake of the Ozarks.

1. Test Your Lights Before Hanging Them. 
You don't want to hang all your lights just to find out that some of them don't work. Check all your lights for burnt out bulbs or frayed wires before attempting to hang them on your home. Broken lights are a recipe for disaster and can lead to electrical dangers. If you find a strand that doesn't work, the best option is to just throw it out and get a new strand. Be sure to also check the labels on the lights to make sure they are made for outdoor use and can be plugged into one another. You don't want to create a fire hazard by trying to make your home look festive for the holidays.
2. Attach Your Lights to the Eaves. 
Shingles are surprisingly fragile and shouldn&…

9 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill This Winter

While we've been experiencing a rather warm beginning to our winter season here at the Lake of the Ozarks, the cold winter weather is on it's way. Along with the cold comes an increase in energy use, as well as an increase in that price on your electric bill. In addition to making sure your Lake of the Ozarks roof is in good condition to keep cold air out, here are a few tips to help you keep your electric bill down this winter:

1. Furnace Tune-Up. 
Now is the time to have your furnace looked at. It's important to make sure it is in proper working condition before we get a big snow storm and that temperature drops way below zero. You don't want your furnace to go out in the middle of the night, leaving you and your family freezing. Throughout the year, be sure to regularly replace the filter as well.

2. Adjust Your Thermostat Throughout the Day. 
Why heat your house when no one is home? When you leave for work, be sure to turn your thermostat down. However, don't t…

Winter Roof Probelms: Ice Dams

While this weekend is supposed to be relatively nice, with temperatures at a high of 50°, winter weather is still on it's way. We have already discussed the dangers of too much snow on your roof and today we want to touch on how ice dams can affect your roof as well. Your Lake of the Ozarks roofing company wants to make sure your roof lasts throughout the cold, winter season.

What is an Ice Dam? 
An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining off the roof. Often times, melting snow will pool up behind the ridge and work its way under roof shingles and into the home, causing significant damage to ceilings, walls and floors. The sheer weight of the ice dams can also damage gutters, downspouts and fascia boards.

How Ice Dams Form
In order for ice dams to form, there needs to be snow accumulation, home heat loss and subfreezing temperatures. As heat rises from your home, it melts the accumulated snow on the roof. That melted snow …

How Much Do You Know About Thanksgiving?

The year is winding down and the holiday season is upon us - Thanksgiving is just one day away! If you're looking for something to pass the time while you wait for that turkey to cook, try testing your knowledge of Thanksgiving with these fun trivia questions!

1. According to the Butterball Association, how long should you let your turkey thaw in the refrigerator?

A. 8 hours for every 4 lbs.
B. 12 hours for every 4 lbs.
C. 4 hours for every 4 lbs.
D. 24 hours for every 4 lbs.

2. What was the first department store to hold a Thanksgiving Day parade?

A. J.C. Penny's
B. Gimbel's
C. Macy's
D. Montgomery Wards

3. Which president was the first to establish Thanksgiving as a legal national holiday to be held the 4th Thursday of November?

A. Abraham Lincoln
B. Franklin D. Roosevelt
C. Thomas Jefferson
D. James Madison

4. In what year did the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade take place?

A. 1894
B. 1904
C. 1914
D. 1924

5. Which president is believed to be the first to pardon…

The Dangers of Too Much Snow on Your Roof

The cold weather has arrived at the Lake of the Ozarks and our first snow fall could be just around the corner! Above & Beyond Roofing is here to educate you on how snow accumulation can affect your roof. Be sure to look for signs of too much weight on your roof this winter and be sure to remove excess snow before it causes problems for your roof and the rest of your home.

How Much Snow Can Your Roof Hold? 
Unfortunately, there's no simple answer to this question. All properly built roofs are built to withstand a "design" snow and ice load. The presence of snow and ice on a roof exerts vertical loads that can cause a roof to sag or bow downward. This loading also transfers horizontal forces that may cause the walls to deflect or move slightly outward. When roof loads are below the actual load capacity, the effects are temporary. However, if the loading exceeds the design load capacity, the sagging and deflections can become permanent. In extreme cases, the roof can e…

The Annual Signature Chefs Auction is THIS Week!

Join us for an evening of culinary excellence at the Annual Signature Chefs Auction this Wednesday, November 11. Above & Beyond Roofing is a proud sponsor of this annual benefit for The March of Dimes. Enjoy delicious food from your favorite local restaurants, while bidding on auction items to support a great cause!

Event Details
The March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction is an annual fundraiser that is always in good taste!  The gala showcases enticing culinary creations from Central Missouri’s top chefs along with distinctive, one-of-a-kind auction items and experiences.
Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2015Time: 5:30 PMLocation: Lodge of Four Seasons
Participating Restaurants
The Signature Chefs Auction event features local culinary talent who create a selection of fine cuisine for an exclusive audience. Our chefs are artists, innovators and philanthropists, and we look forward to sharing their talents with you during the event. Here is a list of this year's participating…

9 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Gutters

With Winter on its way, your Lake of the Ozarks roof isn't the only thing you need to take a look at. Keep an eye on your gutter system as well. You want to make sure that any snow and water that accumulates on your roof can easily drain off when it melts. Gutters play an important part in keeping your home in tip-top condition. They direct water away from your home’s exterior walls, windows, doors, and foundation, preventing that water from getting inside. Look for these signs to help determine if its time to replace your gutter system.

1. Cracks or Splits
Keep in mind that while larger cracks are visible on a clear, dry day, the smaller ones may not reveal themselves until a storm. Even small cracks will eventually turn into big ones. The swinging temperatures in late Autumn can cause small infractions to grow to larger gaps in in a matter of days. If you don't address the cracks, water can not only damage the gutters further, but it can also damage the fascia boards behin…

13 Halloween Superstitions

One of the spookiest days of the year is here. This weekend people all around the world will be celebrating Halloween. The young and the old will dress up in costumes and dance the night away. For the superstitious though, Halloween might not be their favorite holiday. Let's take a look at some of the common superstitions associated with this holiday.

1. Black Cats are Bad Luck.
The black cat's bad reputation dates back to the Dark Ages, where there were witch hunts. Elderly, solitary women were often accused of witchcraft and their pet cats were said to be gifts from the devil. Another Medieval myth suggests that Satan turned himself into a cat in order to talk with the witches. Today, black cats aren't considered bad luck all around the world; in Ireland, Scotland and England it is actually considered good luck if a black cat crosses your path.

2. Seeing a Bat on Halloween is an Ominous Sign.
Bats were also considered the devils gift to witches. One of the myths states t…

4 Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

You may not want to hear it, but winter is on it's way. While you're busy enjoying the crisp fall air and the beauty of the leaves changing color, the cold weather, with it's snow and ice, is going to creep up on you. Now is the time to start preparing your home for winter, especially your roof. If any Lake of the Ozarks roof repairs are needed, now is the time to get them done before the snow and ice arrive. Here are a few things you can do to prepare your roof for winter:

1. Seal Any Roof Leaks. 
Before winter hits, you'll want to check the ceiling and interior walls for any signs of leaks, such as stains. Take the time to seal all roof leaks possible before the weather gets too bad. Once the rooftop becomes covered in snow and ice, it will be nearly impossible to find those little annoying roof leaks. Plus the added weight and moisture can only make those leaks worse. It will save you a lot of money in repairs if you can catch them soon after they develop instead of …

The Effects of the Seasons on Your Roof

While your shingles are made to withstand normal changes in weather, it doesn't come without some roof maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks to keep them in tip top shape. From the moment they're installed on your roof, they begin their aging process and it's important to have them inspected regularly to make sure they are properly working to protect your home. Let's take a look at how each of the different seasons can impact your Lake of the Ozarks roof

1. Fall
Fall is here and that means the leaves are starting to fall. While the leaves may look beautiful, they can also cause problems for your roof. Clogged gutters is one of the top roofing concerns during the fall months. Debris that gets stuck in the gutters will restrict rainwater flow when not addressed immediately. This can cause both roof and gutter damage to occur. In Missouri you never know what kind of weather to expect this time of year, with the fluctuations from hot to cold, hot to cold that we've …

Join us at the 6th Annual Totes for Ta-Tas!

Totes for Ta-Tas is an annual fundraising event that Above & Beyond Roofing is always a part of. Each year the event raises more money for Lake Regional breast cancer patients. Last year, the event raised over $10,000! Come on out to the Inn at Grand Glaize, next Tuesday, October 13 to help support your community in these great efforts!

What is Totes for Ta-Tas? 
Totes for Ta-Tas is a community fundraising effort where all year long gently used bags, totes, purses, wallets, etc. are collected to be auctioned off the night of the event. During the annual October event, attendees enjoy dinner, drinks, raffles, door prizes and of course the silent auction of items collected throughout the year. All of the proceeds are donated to the Lake Regional Cancer Center to help patients suffering from breast cancer. For more information, you can visit their Facebook page at:

2015 Event Details
The event will take place on Tuesday, October 13 from 5-8 PM. Tickets…

Blistering: A Common Problem with Asphalt Shingles

Blistering shingles are a common problem with asphalt roofs. Blisters can shorten the life of your roof at the Lake of the Ozarks if not addressed. If the blisters are limited to just a few shingles, you don't really have anything to worry about. However, if the blisters are widespread, the entire slope may need to be replaced sooner than expected. Let's take a deeper look at what causes shingles to blister and how to prevent those blisters from popping and causing major damages to your roof.

Why Do Asphalt Shingles Blister?
Sometimes during the manufacturing process, moisture can get trapped within the shingle. Even though blistering is often perceived as a manufacturing defect, the blisters are typically caused by poor roof ventilation. If you're roof is not properly ventilated, the shingles can get very hot. This intense heat on your roof also heats up that trapped moisture, causing blisters to surface. If the shingles on your Lake of the Ozarks roof have trapped moist…

The Lifecycle of an Asphalt Roof

Whether your new roof at the Lake of the Ozarks was needed to repair extensive damage or you just needed a fresh, new look, new shingles can do wonders for the appearance of your home. Similar to the way the human body undergoes changes overtime, so will your new roof. Let's take a look at the lifecycle of asphalt shingles.

The Aging Process
Your roof is the most exposed part of your home, making it the most susceptible to the elements. Studies suggest that shingles begin to age immediately after installation. During the preliminary curing process, there may be some loss of granules, blisters might appear and minor curling may occur around the edges of the shingles. After the initial curing process is complete, the shingles begin prolonged aging that will last throughout the majority of their life. In this phase, they could again lose granules and crack, but at a more negligible rate. When the shingles enter their final lifecycle stage, they begin to break down more rapidly and h…

5 Reasons to Get New Siding This Fall

You've been putting off the "honeydo" list for the entire summer and now you're out of excuses! Fortunately, the best roofing company at Lake of the Ozarks has the perfect project to work on as the temperature drops and the season changes. Fall is the best time for Home Improvement at Lake of the Ozarks. Let's take a look at 5 reasons fall is the right time to get new siding.

1. Fall is the Perfect Temperature for New Siding
An important feature of siding is its ability to withstand wide variations of weather. When applying it however, there are some key things that make fall the right time for this project. During the winter, the temperature drops and that causes the vinyl siding to stiffen up- making it incredibly difficult to manipulate. Conversely, when the summertime heat hits, vinyl expands, making it nearly impossible to estimate the correct amount of siding a project needs. When applied during the winter, it will expand in the summer, possibly leaving g…