13 Halloween Superstitions

One of the spookiest days of the year is here. This weekend people all around the world will be celebrating Halloween. The young and the old will dress up in costumes and dance the night away. For the superstitious though, Halloween might not be their favorite holiday. Let's take a look at some of the common superstitions associated with this holiday.

1. Black Cats are Bad Luck.

The black cat's bad reputation dates back to the Dark Ages, where there were witch hunts. Elderly, solitary women were often accused of witchcraft and their pet cats were said to be gifts from the devil. Another Medieval myth suggests that Satan turned himself into a cat in order to talk with the witches. Today, black cats aren't considered bad luck all around the world; in Ireland, Scotland and England it is actually considered good luck if a black cat crosses your path.

2. Seeing a Bat on Halloween is an Ominous Sign.

Bats were also considered the devils gift to witches. One of the myths states that if you see a bat flying around one's house three times, it meant that someone in that house was going to die soon. Another myth said that if a bat flew into your house on Halloween, it was a sign your house was haunted, as a ghost must have let it in.

3. Spiders Could Mean Witches are Nearby.

Spiders are also considered evil companions of witches during Medieval times. One superstition is that if a spider falls into a candle-lit lamp and is consumed by the flame, a witch is nearby. Also, if you spot a spider on Halloween it means that the spirit of a deceased loved one is watching over you.

4. Three Knocks Mean Death.

If you hear three knocks and no one is there, it usually means someone close to you has died.

5. Candles Ward Off Evil Spirits and Show the Future.

A burning candle inside a jack-o-lantern on Halloween is said to keep evil spirits and demons at bay. It is also said that if you gaze into the flame of a candle on Halloween night, you can peer into the future. However, if a candle blows out by itself, it is a sign that evil spirits are nearby. After Halloween, it's not a good idea to continue burning those candles used for the holiday as they may bring bad luck or strange things may happen to you of which you have no control.

6. The Sound of Footsteps Mean the Dead are Following You.

If you hear footsteps behind you on Halloween night, do not look back as it might be the dead following you. Turning back could mean that you will soon join the dead.

7. No Shadow Means Death.

Many still believe that casting a headless shadow or no shadow at all is an omen of death within the next year. Another superstition says that looking at your shadow in the moonlight on Halloween night will guarantee your death within a short amount of time.

8. Cemeteries are Full of Evil Spirits.

An old superstition states that the body put in the first grave dug in a new graveyard is always claimed by the devil. When passing a graveyard or a house where someone has died, turn your pockets inside out to make sure you don't bring any ghosts home in them. Or you can carry a lump of bread in your pockets to serve as an offering to the ghosts. Also, if you hold your breath while you pass by a cemetery, evil spirits can't enter your body.

9. Owls Eat the Souls of the Dying.

Many people used to believe that owls would swoop down to eat the souls of the dying. If they heard an owl hooting, they would become frightened. A common remedy to keep yourself safe from the owls was thought to be turning your pockets inside out.

10. Walking Around Your House Wards Off Spirits.

The Halloween holiday is centered around evil spirits coming out to play. One superstition says that you should walk around your house three times backwards and counterclockwise before sunset on Halloween to ward off evil spirits. Also, if you see a ghost, walk around it nine times and it will disappear.

11. Wind Offers a Sigh of Death.

On Halloween night, it is believed that those approaching death within the next year will hear a sigh that is carried by the wind which blows over the feet of the dead.

12. Put Your Clothes on Inside Out to Meet a Witch.

While many people dress up as witches for Halloween, that doesn't make them a witch. If you want to meet a real witch, it is said that all you have to do is put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards on Halloween night.

13. Displaced Pebbles Mean Death.

An old Celtic custom was to light giant bonfires on Halloween. After the fires went out, a circle of ashes was made on which each member of the family that helped make the fire would place a pebble. Any pebbles that were displaced or damaged in the morning represented that family member would die within the year.

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