Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How Much Do You Know About Thanksgiving?

The year is winding down and the holiday season is upon us - Thanksgiving is just one day away! If you're looking for something to pass the time while you wait for that turkey to cook, try testing your knowledge of Thanksgiving with these fun trivia questions!

1. According to the Butterball Association, how long should you let your turkey thaw in the refrigerator?

A. 8 hours for every 4 lbs.
B. 12 hours for every 4 lbs.
C. 4 hours for every 4 lbs.
D. 24 hours for every 4 lbs.

2. What was the first department store to hold a Thanksgiving Day parade?

A. J.C. Penny's
B. Gimbel's
C. Macy's
D. Montgomery Wards

3. Which president was the first to establish Thanksgiving as a legal national holiday to be held the 4th Thursday of November?

A. Abraham Lincoln
B. Franklin D. Roosevelt
C. Thomas Jefferson
D. James Madison

4. In what year did the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade take place?

A. 1894
B. 1904
C. 1914
D. 1924

5. Which president is believed to be the first to pardon a turkey and start that annual tradition?

A. Andrew Jackson
B. Franklin D. Roosevelt
C. Harry Truman
D. Warren Harding

6. Which balloon was the first to appear in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade?

A. Mickey Mouse
B. Felix the Cat
C. Betty Boop
D. Superman

7. How many pilgrims were believed to be on the Mayflower?

A. 102
B. 122
C. 92
D. 82

8. How long was the voyage from England to the New World?

A. 146 days
B. 106 days
C. 66 days
D. 46 days

9. The Mayflower was not built for transporting people, but for what?

A. To carry wine. 
B. To take fishing.
C. To retrieve spices from the Far East.
D. For a decoration.

10. The first Thanksgiving football game was started in 1934 by which team?

A. Pittsburgh Steelers
B. Kansas City Chiefs
C. Detroit Lions
D. New England Patriots

11. Which state produces the most turkeys?

A. North Carolina
B. Minnesota
C. Texas
D. Kansas

12. Which state produces the most cranberries?

A. Maine
B. Wisconsin
C. Washington
D. Oregon


1. D - 24 hours for every 4 lbs.
2. B - Gimbel's
3. B - Franklin D. Roosevelt
4. D - 1924
5. C - Harry Truman
6. B - Felix the Cat
7. A - 102
8. C - 66 Days
9. A - To carry wine.
10. C - Detroit Lions
11. B - Minnesota
12. B - Wisconsin

Above & Beyond Roofing wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Remember that with the holidays can come winter weather. Make sure your roof can uphold through the winter season by getting a free roof inspection at the Lake of the Ozarks! Call 573-302-0354 to schedule yours today. You'll want to get any repairs taken care of now before we get hit with any significant amounts of snow!

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Friday, November 20, 2015

The Dangers of Too Much Snow on Your Roof

The cold weather has arrived at the Lake of the Ozarks and our first snow fall could be just around the corner! Above & Beyond Roofing is here to educate you on how snow accumulation can affect your roof. Be sure to look for signs of too much weight on your roof this winter and be sure to remove excess snow before it causes problems for your roof and the rest of your home.

How Much Snow Can Your Roof Hold? 

Unfortunately, there's no simple answer to this question. All properly built roofs are built to withstand a "design" snow and ice load. The presence of snow and ice on a roof exerts vertical loads that can cause a roof to sag or bow downward. This loading also transfers horizontal forces that may cause the walls to deflect or move slightly outward. When roof loads are below the actual load capacity, the effects are temporary. However, if the loading exceeds the design load capacity, the sagging and deflections can become permanent. In extreme cases, the roof can even collapse.

Signs of an Overloaded Roof

Whether a roof can sustain a load without damage or collapse depends mainly on the depth and density of the snow, as well as the depth and spacing of the rafters and trusses. Since determining the depth and density of snow might be a little difficult, here are some warning signs to look for:

  • If after a heavy snow, you see that the rafters in your attic are sagging, there could be too much snow on your roof. 
  • If you hear any cracking or popping, you also have reason to be concerned about the amount of weight on your roof. 
  • If the house's frame has moved enough to jam shut a door or even just make it stick, that's not a good sign. 
  • If you see the drywall or plaster around door frames start to crack, that could be a sign of too much snow as well. 
  • Severe roof leaks into the attic are another good indicator that the snow should be removed immediately. 
  • If the snow is 18 inches high or more, you definitely want to remove it, especially if you have a low-pitched roof.  

Regardless of your roof's condition, it's always a good idea to remove drifts using a roof rake with an extension pole or hire the best roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks to remove the snow for you! If you're concerned about the current condition of your roof, give us a call at 573-302-0354 for a free roof inspection at the Lake of the Ozarks

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Monday, November 9, 2015

The Annual Signature Chefs Auction is THIS Week!

Join us for an evening of culinary excellence at the Annual Signature Chefs Auction this Wednesday, November 11. Above & Beyond Roofing is a proud sponsor of this annual benefit for The March of Dimes. Enjoy delicious food from your favorite local restaurants, while bidding on auction items to support a great cause!

Event Details

The March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction is an annual fundraiser that is always in good taste!  The gala showcases enticing culinary creations from Central Missouri’s top chefs along with distinctive, one-of-a-kind auction items and experiences.
  • Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2015
  • Time: 5:30 PM
  • Location: Lodge of Four Seasons

Participating Restaurants

The Signature Chefs Auction event features local culinary talent who create a selection of fine cuisine for an exclusive audience. Our chefs are artists, innovators and philanthropists, and we look forward to sharing their talents with you during the event. Here is a list of this year's participating restaurants:

  • Baxter’s Lakeside Grille
  • Camden on the Lake
  • The Club at Porto Cima
  • HK’s
  • JB Hook’s
  • JJ Twigs
  • JJ’s at the Copper Pot
  • Pappo’s Pizzeria
  • Redhead Yacht Club
  • Ruthie D’s
  • Savannah Grille
  • Shell’s Pasta Emporium
  • Wobbly Boots

About March of Dimes

The mission of the March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. The rising incidence of premature birth has demanded action, and the March of Dimes has responded by initiating an intensive, multi-year campaign to raise awareness and find the causes of prematurity. Worldwide, 15 million babies are born prematurely each year. The March of Dimes Prematurity Campaign addresses this crisis and helps families have full-term, healthy babies. They're funding lifesaving research and speaking out for legislation that improves care for both moms and babies.

The Annual Signature Chefs Auction is just one of the many charities our Lake of the Ozarks roofing company supports here at the Lake of the Ozarks. When owners Ben and Melissa moved to the Lake of the Ozarks in 2004 for more year-round work, they had no idea how much they would fall in love with the Lake community. They have become heavily involved in many charity events and organizations to support our local community. Join us to help make our community a better place. We hope to see you at the Signature Chefs Auction in just a few short days!  

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Friday, November 6, 2015

9 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Gutters

With Winter on its way, your Lake of the Ozarks roof isn't the only thing you need to take a look at. Keep an eye on your gutter system as well. You want to make sure that any snow and water that accumulates on your roof can easily drain off when it melts. Gutters play an important part in keeping your home in tip-top condition. They direct water away from your home’s exterior walls, windows, doors, and foundation, preventing that water from getting inside. Look for these signs to help determine if its time to replace your gutter system.

1. Cracks or Splits

Keep in mind that while larger cracks are visible on a clear, dry day, the smaller ones may not reveal themselves until a storm. Even small cracks will eventually turn into big ones. The swinging temperatures in late Autumn can cause small infractions to grow to larger gaps in in a matter of days. If you don't address the cracks, water can not only damage the gutters further, but it can also damage the fascia boards behind the gutters, the shingles on your roof and the foundation of your home. You may be able to just repair individual cracks, but extensive cracking calls for replacing the entire gutter system.

2. Sagging

One of the easiest ways to tell that you need gutter repairs or gutter replacement is if they're sagging. Gutters should never sag or be pulled away from the home. These signs can indicate that the gutters are full of water and are pulling away from the house due to the weight of that water. A full gutter could mean that the system is not appropriate for that home, it's draining improperly or debris is causing blockage.

3. Separated Seams

Gutters come in sections, with sleeves covering the joints to ensure a seamless path for rain water. The average gutters are most vulnerable at those seams. Both leaks and separations are common and lead to a number of undesirable outcomes. Cracks or splits in the joints may be solved with some minor repairs or the replacement of fittings. However, if more than one or two of the joints are having issues, you'll want to consider just replacing the system.

4. Rust

Orange flecks are an indicator of the beginning stages of rust. Their presence means that water is present on a continuous basis. Possibly the gutters are not removing water properly or there could be leaks. Rust stains are another sign of gutter breakdown, and often show up on the grass or patio around the downspout. This reddish stain indicates corrosion within your gutters. If you're gutters are extremely old, you're probably going to find rust and that means it is time to get them replaced.

5. Water Damage

At least once a year, on a day that's relatively sunny and free from rain, check your gutters for water damage. Water marks underneath the gutter indicate that overflowing water is escaping the gutter or leaking is occurring. This type of water intrusion can also damage your soffit and fascia board. Make sure to have your gutters repaired or replaced before the damage gets any worse.

6. Mildew

Downspouts are made to keep water away from the foundation of your home. Moisture accumulation near the foundation can find its way into the basement, leading to mildew growth. If you notice mildew in a below ground area that was formerly dry and mildew-free, damaged gutters are a likely cause. You should also look for mildew on exterior walls or patios, and around windows, doors and trim. If mildew is present, inspect the closest gutter for clogging and blockage. The result could be from build up in the gutters, which is easily solved or you may need to replace your gutters at the Lake of the Ozarks.

7. Rotting

Keep a close eye on the outer edge of your roof. If your gutter is clogged, rain water can back up onto the roof. This can cause the shingles along the outer edge of your roof to rot. On the other end, leaking water from the gutters can cause exterior wood trim elements such as window sills and door frames to rot. This can make it difficult to keep out the weather. If you find rot, it's probably time to go ahead and replace those gutters.

8. Peeling Paint

The paint on your gutters is designed to withstand normal wear and tear throughout the season. However, extended exposure to water, like when its not draining properly, can cause the paint to start peeling. In addition to the paint on the actual gutters, look at the paint on the siding of your home near the gutter systems. Broken gutters result in spillage and overflow, which rapidly deteriorates the paint below and around that part of the gutter. If your siding is continuously exposed to this leaking water, you may begin to see peeling paint there as well. Without immediate repairs, those areas could start to rot and decay.

9. Standing Water

If water is pooling up near your foundation, your gutter system is not doing its job of directing water flow away from your house. The problem could be something as simple as a clog or something more complex such as a defect in the gutter system. Either way, standing water near the foundation can cause damage, leading to costly, time consuming repairs. Standing water near the base of your downspout can be corrected with the installation of a dry well or by just extending the current system farther beyond that area.

Gutters must be maintained in order to function properly. Small manageable issues can easily turn into larger, more costly affairs if not addressed. Above & Beyond Roofing is more than just a roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks, we also offer gutter, soffit, fascia and siding services. If you're gutters need replaced, give us a call at 573-302-0354.

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