Wednesday, May 31, 2017

4 Summer Roofing Maintenance Tips

A new season means new reasons to make sure your roof is still in proper working condition. With summer underway, it's time for some summer home maintenance and that includes your roof. A couple weeks ago we discussed some common summer roofing problems. Today's blog offers some tips on what you can do to prevent some of those issues from occurring:

1. Look for Signs of Exterior Damage 

Many roofing problems go unnoticed until they begin affecting the interior of the home. By that time, as small repair has turned into a much bigger and more costly issue. Therefore, it's important to start your summer roofing maintenance by walking around your home and observing the roofing area - or better yet have Above & Beyond Roofing come out for a FREE roof inspection at the Lake of the Ozarks. Fixing damaged shingles or broken gutters early can help you avoid costly roof and home damages down the road.

2. Clean Your Gutters and Drains

Keeping your gutters and drains clear of debris is one of the most important roofing maintenance tips you can follow. You should be sure to clean them out regularly, not just in the fall after all the leaves has fallen. Debris can get stuck in there any time of the year. This can lead to blockage of water flow, which can cause water to back up on your roof, causing water damage to the roof decking and sometimes even inside your attic. When cleaning out your gutters, look for accumulation of shingle granules, as that could signal your roof requires immediate attention.

3. Check Your Ventilation System 

Proper ventilation is critical in ensuring the integrity of your roof. Start by analyzing your utility bills from month-to-month. While changes in cost will fluctuate some with the change of seasons, any large changes within the same season could indicate an inefficient home roofing ventilation system or insufficient insulation. By addressing ventilation issues early on, you'll not only save on electricity costs, but also the costs of major roof and home repairs.

4. Trim Back Tree Branches

Summer storms can be just as damaging as those in the winter months. Be sure to trim back any large trees overhanging your roof, especially any dead trees and/or branches. If not removed, they can pose a threat to your roof in the event of any major wind or rain storms. In addition, the removal of branches can help cut back on the amount of debris that ends up in your gutters and downspouts. 

The team at Above & Beyond Roofing is here to ensure your roof is in proper working condition this summer! When you choose our Lake of the Ozarks roofing company, both inspections and estimates are FREE. Give us a call at 573-302-0354 to schedule an appointment today!

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Test Your Knowledge This Memorial Day Weekend

The long weekend we've been waiting for, the unofficial kick off to summer, is finally here. However, let's not forget the real reason we celebrate Memorial Day, to honor those who've fought and died in the war. How many of these Memorial Day trivia questions do you know the answer to? Add some entertainment to your holiday weekend by testing the knowledge of your friends and family as well. 

1. When was Memorial Day first celebrated? 

A. May 29, 1777
B. May 30, 1868
C. May 28, 1804
D. May 30, 1835

2. Who started the custom of wearing red poppies on Memorial Day? 

A. Moina Michael
B. John McCrae
C. James A. Garfield
D. Francis A. Walker

3. Who ordered the Memorial Day holiday to be observed by decorating the graves of those who died in war? 

A. General James Garfield
B. Jefferson Davis
C. Abraham Lincoln
D. General John A. Logan

4. Memorial Day was first known as what day? 

A. Civil War Day
B. Decoration Day
C. Honor Day
D. It's always been called Memorial Day.

5. What song is often played at ceremonies on Memorial Day?

A. The Star Spangled Banner
B. America the Beautiful
C. Taps 
D.  My Country 'Tis of Thee

6. Which state was the first to officially recognize Memorial Day? 

A. New York
B. Maryland
C. Pennsylvania
D. Connecticut

7. In what year was Memorial Day declared a federal holiday? 

A. 1951
B. 1971
C. 1915
D. 1868

8. Memorial Day started because of those who died in which war? 

A.World War I
B. World War II
C. The Korean War 
D. The Civil War

9. Who gave the speech at the first Memorial Day Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery? 

A. James A. Garfield
B. Ulysses S. Grant
C. Robert E. Lee
D. John A. Logan

10. Some Southern states still observe a Confederate Memorial Day. How many states do this? 

A. 9
B. 6
C. 4
D. 2


1. B - May 30, 1868
2. A - Moina Michael
3. D - General John A. Logan
4. B - Decoration Day
5. C - Taps
6. A - New York
7. B - 1971
8. D - The Civil War
9. A - James A. Garfield
10. B - 6

Above & Beyond Roofing hopes you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! For all your roofing needs, we're your premier roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks. We offer free roof inspections and free estimates. Give us a call at 573-302-0354.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

3 Common Summer Roofing Problems

While the winter season may be the harshest in concern with your roof, the summer season presents its own problems. Today's blog from your favorite roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks focuses on a few common roofing problems experienced during the summer season:

1. Deteriorating Shingles. 

Over exposure to UV rays from the sun can cause your asphalt shingles to deteriorate faster. Super dry shingles can eventually fall off, leaving your roof deck exposed to the elements. If you notice any loose shingle granules in your gutters or downspouts, your shingles may be reaching the end of their life. Be sure to have your Lake of the Ozarks roof inspected regularly so you're aware of the condition of your roof and how soon you may need to budget for a new one. The roof adhesive can also melt and require repair during extremely high temperatures and intense sun exposure.

2. Storm Damage. 

Summer storms can bring about conditions just as bad as those during the winter. While snow and hail may not be involved, strong winds and heavy rains can take their toll on your roof too. If your roof is already in poor condition, i.e. loose shingles, cracks, or sagging areas, these storms can bring about major issues, such as leaks, resulting in costly roof repairs at the Lake of the Ozarks.

3. Moss and Algae Growth. 

The summer season is prime time for moss and algae growth. Moss coverage on your roof can cause moisture damage and rotting of the wood underneath your roof surface. Overtime, moss can become more attached and require pressure washing to remove it. It's important to have a professional complete this task as high water pressure on your roof can cause damage and other moisture issues, which is what you're trying to avoid.

As summer approaches, if you're concerned with the integrity of your roof, give Above & Beyond Roofing a call at 573-302-0354. We offer FREE roof inspections at the Lake of the Ozarks. We focus on both residential and commercial, and we guarantee high quality work along with professional and personal service.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

7 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just two days away. Did you forget to get something special for your mom, grandma or wife? Don't worry, your favorite Lake of the Ozarks roofing company is here to help you out with a list of great last-minute gift ideas for mom!

1. DIY Bookmark. 

Does mom love to read? Make her something special to stick in her book to mark the page. Each time she sees the bookmark, she'll think of you. You can use pictures, colorful paper, stickers, yarn or any other craft supplies you already have around the house. This is a great project for dads to do with their kids.   

2. Breakfast in Bed. 

A tried and true Mother's Day present option is breakfast in bed! There's something super sweet about serving mom breakfast in bed. When she typically gets up early to make breakfast for the rest of the family, today is the day to make her feel special. Let her relax while you take care of the food, and let her enjoy the morning from the comfort of her own bed.

3. Flowers, Chocolate and Wine. 

While it may seem cliche, almost every woman loves flowers, chocolate and wine! You can't go wrong with this gift. Grab a bouquet of her favorite flowers from the store, or better yet, pick some flowers yourself. Find a gourmet chocolate shop and get her something special, more than just a typical bag of Hershey's kisses. Add a bottle of her favorite wine and you'll be the best husband or child ever.

4. The Perfect Subscription. 

Does mom love reading magazines? Does she enjoy trying new foods and snacks? Does she love pampering and beauty products? There's a subscription service out there for just about anything these days. While she may not have something fancy to open on Mother's Day itself, she'll get to continue receiving gifts for months to come. Find the perfect subscription for her and make a card that let's her know something awesome is on the way for her.

5. A Memorable Experience. 

If mom's more about making memories and experiencing things than getting gifts, consider purchasing theater or concert tickets. Gift certificates for her favorite restaurant, a spa day, a painting class or a wine tasting tour. Think about what mom enjoys most and plan an experience she'll remember for a lifetime!

6. A Clean House. 

If mom typically does all the chores around the house, let her have a break for the day. From doing the laundry to washing the dishes, every little thing you can do to help mom out goes a long way. This doesn't just have to be on Mother's Day either; show your appreciation and love for her by regularly helping out around the house. 

7. A List of Reasons You Love Her. 

Sometimes simple is best. You don't need to spend a lot of money to show mom how much you love and appreciate her. Sometimes she just needs to hear it from you. Make a list of reasons you love her. You could write them in a book, with accompanying pictures or write them down on slips of paper to put in a jar, so she can read a new one each day.

Another wonderful gift to give mom is peace of mind, peace of mind that the roof over her head is protecting her and her family. Schedule a free roof inspection at the Lake of the Ozarks today by calling 573-302-0354. Happy Mother's Day from Above & Beyond Roofing!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

3 Problems Heavy Rain Can Cause For Your Roof

The Lake of the Ozarks area experienced some heavy rain this past weekend. While many people think of roof leaks associated with heavy rain, there are other roofing issues that can arise as a result of too much water on your roof. Today's blog from your favorite Lake of the Ozarks roofer focuses on the potential roof damage that heavy rains can cause.

Heavy Rain and Roof Damage 

While roof damage is often associated with severe storms involving hail or tornadoes, even just heavy rainfall can cause problems for your roof. The intensity and amount of damage will generally be tied to the current condition of your roof. Therefore, if your roof is already in poor condition, heavy rains could cause it to fail. On the other hand, if your roof is in great condition, heavy rains alone probably won't cause any damage.

Roof Leaks 

Weak spots and cracked tiles or broken shingles create a path in which rain water can seep through and start leaking into your home. This is a slow process that can happen over time, and become worse if not addressed quickly. The design of your roof can also come into play when determining the cause of a roof leak. Inversions in your roof can lead to pooling of water. If you have cracked tiles or rusting metal roofing, having a pool of water build up on your roof can lead to further weakening and eventually a possible leak. In addition, the added weight of water pooling could cause sagging or damage to your roof frame.

Weakened Shingles 

In addition to water entering your home, heavy rainfall can cause further damage to already damaged shingles and cracked tiles. Asphalt shingles that have lifted, moved or ripped can be further moved by heavy rain leaving the roof underlayment exposed to water damage. While tiles are designed to withstand water damage (when fully intact and sealed), excessive water running through cracks and gaps can cause progressive damage and weakening. They could break apart from the inside, making them a hazard for future storms. Therefore, it's important after heavy rains and storms to have your roof inspected by a professional roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Mold Growth 

After heavy rainfall, damaged shingles can soak up water and remain moist for days. This, as well as the pools of water mentioned before, can trigger mold growth on your roof. Depending on the condition of your roof, it's even possible for the mold to penetrate the roof surface and grow in your home. The presence of mold on your roof and in your home can lead to illness for people and pets.

To decrease the chances of water damage from heavy rains on your roof, be sure to keep your gutters clear of debris and have your roof inspected at least twice a year. At Above & Beyond Roofing, we offer FREE roof inspections at the Lake of the Ozarks! Give us a call at 573-302-0354 to schedule an appointment.

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