How Much Do You Know About Thanksgiving?

The year is winding down and the holiday season is upon us - Thanksgiving is just one day away! If you're looking for something to pass the time while you wait for that turkey to cook, try testing your knowledge of Thanksgiving with these fun trivia questions!

1. According to the Butterball Association, how long should you let your turkey thaw in the refrigerator?

A. 8 hours for every 4 lbs.
B. 12 hours for every 4 lbs.
C. 4 hours for every 4 lbs.
D. 24 hours for every 4 lbs.

2. What was the first department store to hold a Thanksgiving Day parade?

A. J.C. Penny's
B. Gimbel's
C. Macy's
D. Montgomery Wards

3. Which president was the first to establish Thanksgiving as a legal national holiday to be held the 4th Thursday of November?

A. Abraham Lincoln
B. Franklin D. Roosevelt
C. Thomas Jefferson
D. James Madison

4. In what year did the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade take place?

A. 1894
B. 1904
C. 1914
D. 1924

5. Which president is believed to be the first to pardon a turkey and start that annual tradition?

A. Andrew Jackson
B. Franklin D. Roosevelt
C. Harry Truman
D. Warren Harding

6. Which balloon was the first to appear in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade?

A. Mickey Mouse
B. Felix the Cat
C. Betty Boop
D. Superman

7. How many pilgrims were believed to be on the Mayflower?

A. 102
B. 122
C. 92
D. 82

8. How long was the voyage from England to the New World?

A. 146 days
B. 106 days
C. 66 days
D. 46 days

9. The Mayflower was not built for transporting people, but for what?

A. To carry wine. 
B. To take fishing.
C. To retrieve spices from the Far East.
D. For a decoration.

10. The first Thanksgiving football game was started in 1934 by which team?

A. Pittsburgh Steelers
B. Kansas City Chiefs
C. Detroit Lions
D. New England Patriots

11. Which state produces the most turkeys?

A. North Carolina
B. Minnesota
C. Texas
D. Kansas

12. Which state produces the most cranberries?

A. Maine
B. Wisconsin
C. Washington
D. Oregon


1. D - 24 hours for every 4 lbs.
2. B - Gimbel's
3. B - Franklin D. Roosevelt
4. D - 1924
5. C - Harry Truman
6. B - Felix the Cat
7. A - 102
8. C - 66 Days
9. A - To carry wine.
10. C - Detroit Lions
11. B - Minnesota
12. B - Wisconsin

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