5 Roofing Scams to Watch Out For

Each year, homeowners fall victim to a variety of roofing scams. Your roof plays a huge role in protecting your property, so when it needs repaired, most people want to act fast. This in and of itself leaves homeowners vulnerable to fraudulent contractors. Above & Beyond Roofing wants to educate you on how to avoid the most common scams.

1. Storm Chasers

While the out-of-town storm chasers are the most publicized roofing scam out there, many people still fall victim. These roofers travel across the country following storm patterns and looking for homeowners to exploit. They will pass out leaflets in areas affected by storms, and may even show up unannounced offering free roof inspections. With the large amounts of rain we've had recently, homeowners should be on high alert for these frauds. If you are concerned with how a storm may have affected your roof, call a trusted local roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks to come out and take a look at it. Reputable, local companies will also offer inspections for free.

2. Door-to-Door Salesmen 

One other big scam in the roofing industry is the door-to-door salesmen. These so-called roofers will show up unannounced with the promise of a free roof. These scammers tend to target neighborhoods with a large population of senior citizen, a lot of old homes or, like above, ones that have been hit by a storm. After offering a free roof inspection, these contractors will go on your roof and actually cause damage, making it look like it was caused by a storm. They might tear off shingles to simulate wind damage or take a hammer to your roof to make it look like hail damage. Don't just let anyone that shows up to your door onto your roof. Before signing any papers have your insurance company come out and take a look.

3. Disappearing Downpayments

Another common roofing scam is when the company asks for a downpayment and then never returns to do the work. In most cases, these scammers will convince a homeowner to sign over or cash their insurance check as the downpayment. Unfortunately, this scam happens all the time. To avoid this scam, never hand over your insurance money until after supplies have been delivered and work has been started. If you don't give them any money, you can't be taken advantage of.

4. High-Pressure Tactics

Some dishonest roofing contractors will resort to high-pressure sales tactics to trick you into hiring them. While promising a special deal or extremely low rates, they will pressure the homeowner into signing a contract on the spot. If the homeowner tries to resist, the contractor will make dishonest claims or mislead the homeowner until the binding contract has been signed. One of the main reasons some contractors will use this scam tactic is because their rates are actually higher than their competitors and they don't want the homeowner shopping around to other Lake of the Ozarks roofers. Be sure not to sign anything right away - take the time to do some research before you get sucked into a bad deal. 

5. Fluctuating Bids

Some contractors will try to raise the price on you after they've already started the job. The contractor will throw out a bid lower than the competitors' bids and easily get the job. One the job is underway, unforseen problems and unexpected costs suddenly arise. In some instances the contractor may even remove the roof and refuse to replace it until another payment is made. This leaves the homeowner no choice because their home is now subject to the elements and even more damage if the roof isn't replaced almost immediately. By the time the job is finished, the homeowner has paid substantially more than what was agreed upon in the beginning.

The best thing you can do is research the company before you let them on your roof. Be sure to ask for proof of insurance, references, etc. In fact, the best option is to just avoid anyone that comes knocking on your door - instead seek out the help of a well-known local company. Ask your friends, coworkers and neighbors who they would recommend. Then give the best roofing company at Lake of the Ozarks a call and ask for a roof inspection.

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