Common Questions about the Condition of Your Roof

Above and Beyond Roofing, your Lake Ozark Roofing Business, has over 15 years experience and over the years we have had a lot of questions - typically, these questions and concerns are very similar.

Last week we started this two-part blog series to help answer some of these questions.  Be sure to check our part one of our Frequently Asked Questions about Your Roof.

When repairing my roof I noticed there is no roofing felt under them. Is this the correct way to install shingles?
  • No, it is not. Unless it's an overlay (recover), there should be felt separating the roofing materials and the deck. Typically, this is done to save money - however, it is highly frowned upon by the National Roofing Contractor's Association.
What's the minimum slope I need to install asphalt shingles?
  • 2:12 is the minimum slope which means two inches of vertical rise for every twelve inches of horizontal run.  If you are between 2:12 and 4:12, you should consider installing  two layers of felt to reduce the exposure of the shingle. 
What kind of felt underlayment should I use?
  • Felt paper is a vapor barrier and keeps the oils in the shingles from leaching out  into the wood substrate.  The actual type depends upon the slope of the roof - we can perform a free Lake of the Ozarks roof inspection and estimate to recommend the right felt for your roof!
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