10 Different Types of Roofs to Consider for Your Home

Example of a Gambrel Roof
Here at Above and Beyond Roofing all we think about is roofs, but for many people that is one of the last things they think about when buying or building a house.  There are so many different roof styles for you to consider when designing and building a new house.  Although many people move into homes that are already built and have to just accept the roof shape, it is still something to consider when looking at buying a house. Each different type of roof has certain benefits that you should keep in mind when choosing a roof style. Houzz.com has a great list of 10 different types of roofs for you to consider.

1. Mansard Roof - This is a French style roof made up of four slopes, two on each side of the home.  The lower slope is steeper than the upper and the upper may or may not be seen from the ground.

2. Gambrel - This Dutch-inspired roof is very similar to the Mansard Roof, but the differences are that the gambrel has vertical gable ends and the roof hangs over the facade of the home.

3. Saltbox - This interesting roof has an asymmetrical long pitched roof with one short side and one very long side.  Often times these roofs result in a home that is one story high on one side and two stories on the other side.

Example of a Hip Roof
4. Pyramid Roof - This type of roof is shaped like a pyramid just like the name states.  This type of roof is typically used either on small portions of a home or on smaller structures such as a garage or pool house.

5. Hip Roof - This roof is similar to the pyramid roof except that the four sides meet at a ridge or a flat spot rather than coming to a point.  Architecturally, this is more practical than a pyramid roof.

6. Bonnet Roof - Similar to the pyramid or hip roofs, this type has two of the slides that slope out at an angle.  It is most commonly used to cover a veranda or outdoor porch area.

7. Flat Roof - This roof is simply flat, just like the name states.  The benefits of this type of roof include that it's easier to construct, safer if your going to stand on top of it and generally more accessible.  The main drawback is that it requires more maintenance due to debris collecting on the roof with nowhere to go.

8. Cross Gabled Roof -  This type of roof looks like triangles from the front of the home.  Homes with extra wings often use this style roof so that each section has its one triangular gabled roof.

Example of an Arched Roof
9. Arched Roof - This style roof is typically just used on a small portion of the home to add an aesthetic touch to the architecture of the home.

10. Skillion Roof - This type of roof is half of a triangular roof or a flat roof that has been inclined slightly.  Typically it is just used on a portion of the home, but can also be used on multi-level homes to create unique shapes and patterns for the exterior of the home.

Many people just think of flat roofs or pitched roofs, but as you can see there are plenty of gradations and styles of each.  These styles don't even take into consideration the many different materials you can use for roofing.  Add those into the mix and your roofing possibilities are endless.  So if you are in the market for a new roof, be sure to call the best roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks!

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  2. Great post! I've been wanting to replace my roof ever since I moved last year. I really like the idea of a hip roof. I didn't know that they were more architecturally practical than pyramid roofs. Are they more expensive? I just want something that is durable that won't cost too much. I've heard that metal roofs can last pretty long. What do you think about those?

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