Frequently Asked Questions About Your Roof

Our Lake Ozark Roofing Business has over 15 years experience and through the years we have had a lot of questions - typically, many of these questions and concerns are very similar.  In an attempt to answer many of these questions, we have compiled a FAQ's Blog for readers who would like to learn more.  

Can I roof over the top of my existing roof?
  • Yes, you can...however, there are some circumstances that will require removal of the existing roof before installing the new one.  We offer a FREE Lake of the Ozarks Roof inspection and quote request to determine which is right for you.  We want you to be completely confident in the service you will receive from your Lake of the Ozarks Roofer as well as the the cost associated with this service.
I hate the color of my shingles. Can I paint them?
  • Yes, you can but it's not advisable. Shingles lose their granules over time which could cause the appearance of your roof to look splotchy. Another disadvantage with painted shingles is that the roof will have a solid color rather than the gradient enhanced color you would achieve with new shingles.  The gradient color is much more appealing to the eye.  
Some people are telling me to use organic shingles, and others are telling me fiber glass shingles. What's the difference and which do I use?
  • The choice is yours!! The fiber glass shingles are easier to work with and the organic shingles have more asphalt and are heavier and more expensive to manufacture.  We offer a free inspection and quote for each option to help you determine which shingle fits your style and your budget.
The roofer didn't remove the little plastic strip from the back of my shingles. Should this have been removed?
  • No, it does not need to be removed. That particular brand of shingle is designed so that the sealant seals right through the strip. The strip is there to help keep the shingles from sticking together before they are installed.
My shingles got beat up in the last hail storm we had and I'm tired of replacing them. What type of roof should I use?
  • Hail storms can be very damaging.  If the hail is big enough, then regardless of what you use, the material will still incur some damage. There are some shingles that can take quite a hit and still remain in good shape. Give us a call to discuss your specific requirements and we can recommend the right solution for your roof!
If we did not answer your question, please give us a call at 573-302-0354!!  We can schedule a time take a look at your roof and offer a completely free inspection and quote!!

At Above & Beyond Roofing, we pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated, being open 7- days a week, and we turn the average roofing job in one day!

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