When Should I Replace My Roof?

It might be time to replace your roof! If you don't know what signs to look for when it's time for a roof replacement, your Lake of the Ozarks roofing experts are here to help. Above & Beyond Roofing specializes in a number of things including new construction, tearoffs, siding, soffit, fascia, and gutters, but we also do complete re-roofs. We can even turn around most roofing jobs in a single day! Read on for several big signs letting you know that it might be time to give Above & Beyond Roofing a call.

1. Your roof is at least 20 years old.

Experts say that typical roofs most commonly last between 20 and 25 years. There are many factors that go into this, such as the age of your home, the condition of your ventilation, and how many layers of shingles have been installed. Check your records to see if you or the previous homeowners have documented the last time the roof was replaced or repaired. Even though your home might be older, roof work may have been done recently. If you find that your roof is nearing the 20-year mark, it might be time to take a look at it and assess how to move forward.

2. Your shingles are curled up or your shingle tabs are cupped.

These small details might be tough to see from the ground or street - that's why you call the Lake of the Ozarks roofing experts! Roof shingles have the tendency to curl up over time, but it can happen quicker because of heat and moisture build-up due to inadequate ventilation in your attic If you're curious about the state of your shingles, give Above & Beyond Roofing a call. You can also request a free roof inspection by completing the form on our website.

3. You have a leaky attic.

Above & Beyond Roofing's goal is to catch the issue before you have water problems, but sometimes looking for evidence is the best place to start. Once you climb up into your attic, if you notice light coming through the roof or stains and streaks, it's time to call the best roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks. If light can get in, so can air, rain, bugs, snow, etc.

If you're struggling with any of these issues or are concerned about any future roofing problems that might occur, give us a call at Above & Beyond Roofing. We specialize in both commercial and residential roofs, and we serve the Lake of the Ozarks area, Jefferson City, Lebanon, Warsaw, and Fort Leonard Wood. We pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated and being open seven days a week! When it comes to your roofing needs, our customers are our number one priority. If you think you might need your roof replaced, we'd love to help!

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