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If you have questions about your roof or roofing in general, you’ve come to the right place. Above & Beyond Roofing are the experts in the Lake Ozark roofing business, and we want to do everything we can to make sure you are equipped with the right information. Making decisions about your roof can be difficult, and even emotional if disaster has struck. Read on for answers to your toughest roofing questions, and if you have more, feel free to give us a call.

What are my options when it comes to shingles? What is the difference?

When it comes to shingles, we offer several different options. The first option is the asphalt shingle, and we offer two different types. The three-tab shingle is the more traditional look for a roof. Each panel is uniform. The look is flat and simple, but the cost is affordable and preferred over other options. The second is the architectural shingle, the more popular option. Architectural shingles vary in size and shape, giving them a more dimensional look. They weigh more than three-tab shingles, so they tend to last longer. Architectural shingles can also help to raise the value of a home.

I changed my mind on the color of my shingles… I can just paint them, right?

Hold on! Although you CAN just paint your shingles, we really don’t recommend doing so. The main reason we suggest getting a new roof is that new shingles provide a beautiful gradient in their color. By painting your roof, you’ll end up with a one-dimensional look which isn’t very appealing to the eye. Shingles also tend to lose fragments over time so your old roof color will end up returning and looking splotchy. Leave the new color to us!

Can I have a new roof installed over my existing one?

Definitely! There is a downside to not removing your existing roof though. If you decide to install without removing, we won’t be able to inspect and repair the weatherproofing materials. Also, keep in mind that most building codes limit the layers on your roof to two. If you’re worried about whether you should remove or add, visit our website and check out our FREE Lake of the Ozarks roof inspection and quote request. We’d be happy to answer any specific questions you have.

Why should I choose Above & Beyond Roofing for my roofing needs?

As your trusted roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks, we know what we’re doing! Ben, Melissa and their staff pride themselves on being locally owned and operated, being open seven days a week, and turning the average roofing job in one day. Ben deals personally with all his customers. We provide high-quality work, professional and personal service and competitive pricing.

If you have any more roofing questions that we didn’t get to answer, don’t hesitate to call us at 573-302-0354. We also provide free estimates for your next project! From roof tear-offs and repairs to roof inspections and installations, we do it all.

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