The 411 on Soffit and Fascia

You know that the roof of your home protects the structure itself and the contents inside from the elements. While pretty much everyone knows what shingles are, there's more to roofing than that. Today's blog from your Lake of the Ozarks roofer discusses soffit and fascia, what they are and why they are important.

Soffit and fascia keep water and debris out of your home. In addition, they give your roof a finished look. Keep reading to learn more about these important pieces of your roofing system.

What is Soffit?

Soffit is the exposed surface beneath the overhanging section of a roof eave. The term can also refer to the horizontal underside of similar architectural structures, such as archways or staircases. Soffits protect the area underneath a roof's overhang from the weather. If water, snow or ice weren't blocked by the soffit, beams could rot and become vulnerable to mold buildup. A vented soffit lets air circulate in an attic. This helps to keep the roof cool by moving air up through the attic and out of the ridge vent. Soffit typically are made from vinyl, and are designed with small holes that provide air circulation. Proper air ventilation will also save you energy, as it helps regulate the temperature in your attic and throughout the rest of the home.

What is Fascia? 

Fascia covers the front of a soffit. This gives the roof's edge a finished look, increasing your curb appeal. In addition, the fascia serves as a mount for the gutters. Fascia boards are typically wooden, but they can be made from vinyl, aluminum or plastic. The primary function of the fascia is to help the soffit protect the roof and the interior of the home from moisture by blocking its entrance. Moisture can ruin fascia boards that run along the roof line. The main causes of moisture build up behind the fascia board are clogged gutters, improper shingle overhang and winter ice dams. It's important to repair or replace any fascia board that shows any sign of damage to ensure it's properly protecting your home from the weather.

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