3 Causes of Overflowing Rain Gutters

Your gutters and downspouts are an important and underappreciated part of your roof at the Lake of the Ozarks. Overflowing gutters can lead to more problems than one. If you're gutters aren't working properly, water damage could occur both on the exterior and the interior of your home. Keep reading to learn about some of the common reasons rain gutters overflow, and what you can do to avoid that from happening.

1. Improperly Installed or Damaged Gutters. 

While you can't control the weather and avoid heavy rains altogether, you do have some control over what happens to that water once it rains down on your home. You can do so by making sure you have high-quality gutters that are installed properly. They need to be at the correct slant to be able to drain off excess water and lead it away from your home. Damaged gutters should be repaired or replaced to ensure that water is being removed from your roof properly (not overflowing out of the gutters), reducing the likelihood of water damage to your home.

2. Too Few Gutters or Downspouts. 

The number of gutters and downspouts you should have is dependent on the size of your home. Not having enough gutters and downspouts on all sides of your home can cause certain areas of your gutters to be overworked. This can lead to water overflowing out of the gutters because it has nowhere else to go. In this situation, adding additional gutters to compensate for the needed capacity can help resolve the issue.

3. Clogged Gutters or Downspouts. 

If your gutters and/or downspouts are clogged, the water cannot drain properly. Instead of flowing through the gutters and out the downspouts, it overflows, compromising the soffit, fascia, siding, etc. Leaves and other organic debris easily clog your gutters, and therefore, it's important to clean out your gutters regularly especially before winter and also prior to spring rains.

If you're in need of some help with your gutters and downspouts, Above & Beyond is the company to call. We've got all your Lake of the Ozarks roofing needs covered, including soffit, fascia, siding and gutter installation and repair. Give us a call at 573-302-0354 to discuss your needs and get a free quote.

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