Why Missouri Residents Should Be Concerned with Hurricanes

June is the start of Hurricane season. Now you may be wondering why a roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks would be concerned with hurricane season, but anywhere can be affected by these storms. While the major damage is likely to be mainly in coastal areas, those people inland need to be aware that hurricanes can bring excess rain to inland areas as well. Just because you don't live on the coast, doesn't mean you're safe from possible damage.

Hurricanes can Affect the Midwest

Hurricane remnants can bring about major flooding in the Midwest. Flooding from a single tropical cyclone often impacts 10-15 states located hundreds of miles from the coast and covering a wide area. In addition, major hurricanes can also cause temperature change and high winds.

For example, Hurricane Patricia that hit Mexico brought heavy rains to inland states. The Midwest experienced around 2 inches of rain in many areas, and 3-4 inches in some parts. However, in a few parts of the Midwest, rain fell at 1-3 inches per hour, causing flooded roadways. In addition, the storm in conjunction with El NiƱo caused 70 degree weather across the US and winds reaching 60-90 miles per hour. Winds like that can easily flatten crops and blow off shingles.

Stream Gauge Station Study 

Gabrielle Villarini did a study on the discharge records collected from 3,090 US Geological Survey stream gauge stations. The Stream Gauge Stations record how much water is flowing through a stream at any instant. Villarini and his colleagues conducted their study by relating maximum water discharges with the passage of storms over the Midwest and eastern states. With that data, they were able to construct maps for each storm that show the relationship between inland flooding and tropical cyclones. Despite the impacts, there's been little attention on the subject in scientific literature and more studies need to be conducted.

Excessive rain, like that caused by hurricanes and other tropical storms can cause damage to your Lake of the Ozarks roof. It's important, especially during storm season, to make sure your roof doesn't require any repairs. A faulty roof is less likely to stand up to these storms, leading to more costly repairs down the road. For a free roof inspection at the Lake of the Ozarks, give us a call at 573-302-0354. We'll come out to check the quality of your roof, so that you can rest assured it's ready to stand up to any storms that may come our way this season.


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