6 Reasons Your Roof May Be Leaking

Most of us are guilty of taking our roof for granted. To most people a roof is just the top of the house. We just do not tend to think about it until it stops working correctly. The fact of the matter is, that by the time you notice a leak, you may already have a serious problem in your home. Leaks can cause all sorts of serious issues including damage to your ceiling, water stains, rot, mold and mildew and other problems to your home. Leaking should be taken care of as soon as it is noticed. As your Lake of the Ozarks roofer, we want to help you avoid those major issues. Here are six reasons why your roof may be leaking:

1. Chimneys

Chimney stacks tend to collect water that can drain down and go through tiny spaces into your home. If there is any pooling of water around your chimney area, leaking could occur.

2. Flashing

Flashing is the most common reason for a roof leak. When flashing becomes eroded or damaged, it is easy for a leak to form. In some cases, contractors have failed to install flashing at all, leading to leaks and eventually damage to the roof and home. Finding a recommended and competent contractor can mean the difference between thousands of dollars in repairs.

3.  The Age of Your Roof

If your roof is approaching 20 to 25 years old it is more likely to have an issue, especially if you haven't been keeping up with routine maintenance. Once your original roof is nearing its recommended lifespan, it is time to replace it before any problems start to arise from your outdated roof.

4. Shingles and fasteners 

During heavy winds or a storm, shingles can be damaged and fasteners can become dislodged, leaving an open space for water to make its way down into your roof. Trim down any trees in close proximity to or above your roof. Trees that are not properly trimmed back can fall piercing your shingles and creating leaks.

5. Quality of Work

Improper installation and poor workmanship are one of the major contributing reasons that homeowners experience leaks and water damage. When choosing a roof, it is imperative to have a highly qualified professional, who is experienced with the type of roof you have. If you go cheap on your roof, you will end up paying for it in repairs.

6. Skylights

Skylights are great for bringing natural light into your home and are a great way to add style to a room. However, if installed improperly or not sealed right, you can have a major issue above your head. If you notice any water on the floor below your skylight, schedule an appointment with a professional roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks for an inspection to identify the problem and get it fixed.

If you notice a leak or you suspect that there may be an issue with your roof, you should call a professional to get it inspected right away. A professional will identify the problem and create a plan of action for you to discuss. Call Above & Beyond Roofing at 573-302-0354 to schedule your FREE roof inspection at the Lake of the Ozarks today!

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