The Energy Efficiency of Metal Roofs

Last month, we talked about the many benefits of choosing metal over other roofing materials.  One of those benefits was energy efficiency. Metal roofing, whether you choose a light or dark color, reflects heat effectively to reduce cooling costs in the summer and to help insulate homes in the winter.  This can definitely help to lower your energy bills. provides great information on the energy efficiency of choosing metal for your Lake of the Ozarks roofing job.

Reduce Energy Costs 

With prices rising all over the board, homeowners are seeking out energy-saving building materials for their new homes or renovations.  They want products that not only secure and improve structures, but that also provide long-term cost-cutting on energy bills while promoting environmental and economic sustainability. Cool Metal Roofing is the answer to this demand; it can save your household up to 40% of its annual energy costs, depending on your geographical region.  This solution offers solid, attractive roofing available in multiple colors and textures.  Read more about Cool Metal Roofing here:

Control the Heat 

The roof of your home or business has a major impact on solar radiation, the absorption of heat from sunlight. Heat is either reflected into the atmosphere or absorbed into the building through conduction.  Any solar radiation that is absorbed will heat the roof's surface.  The more the solar radiation is absorbed, the greater the need to find alternative ways to dissipate the heat.   Roof design will determine how the heat is reflected and absorbed heat is emitted.  Cool Coating technology focuses on reflecting solar radiation and shedding absorbed heat away from the surface.  Read more about Cool Coatings here:


Metal roofs typically have a minimum of 25% recycled content.  This level of recycled content allows metal roofing to be routinely included on listing for "green" and recycled content products. When ultimately removed as part of a building renovation or demolition, it is 100% recyclable.  Other roofing materials, when removed are disposed of by the ton into landfills.  Metals are exceptional building materials that can credibly claim both recycled content and recyclability by recognized definitions.

For more information on the energy efficiency of metal roofing please visit:

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