9 Affordable, Last-Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is just 2 days away...and you still don't have a gift for him!  You could get him the usual tie or coffee mug, but why not do something special this year?  There's still time to throw something great together! Your Lake of the Ozarks roofing company gathered some great ideas for affordable, last-minute Father's Day Gifts!

1. Plan a Family Day - Take a day and get the entire family involved. Maybe you could go to the park and have a picnic. Maybe there's a movie playing that Dad has really been wanting to see. Whatever you plan, Dad will appreciate that you are taking time out of your busy schedule to spend a day with him!

2. Make Him Breakfast or Dinner - Get up early and make Dad breakfast so its ready when he wakes up!  Or maybe Dad usually grills on the weekends; give him a break and cook him a meal for once. Maybe he has a favorite meal that he doesn't get very often.  Make him feel special and let him know how much you care.

3. Get Him Something Useful - Is Dad always losing his pen or maybe his glasses?  Get him something useful like a pen keychain or a glasses case.  If he likes to cook, get him a new pair of tongs or an apron that says "Worlds Greatest Dad!" Rather than spending money on something that is just going to sit around and gather dust, get him something he can use!

4. Write Him a Poem - How often do you tell your Dad how much you love him?  Use this holiday as a time to think about all the great things he's done for you.  Put them all together to create a poem, song or letter that you can give to him and he can cherish those words forever. Although anyone would probably enjoy a big, expensive present, its the little things, the thoughtfulness that makes someone feel extra special.  Anyone could buy him something, but not everyone has that special connection or bond that you do with him!

5. Help Out With Chores - Is Dad the one always mowing the grass, taking the trash out or washing the cars?  Give him a break and take a turn with doing some extra chores around the house.  Everyone deserves a break every once in awhile, especially on Father's Day!

6. Customize His Phone - Like many Fathers, maybe your Dad isn't super tech savvy.  Think about everything Dad likes, what his hobbies are and then download useful apps to his phone.  Maybe he works outside and always wants to know the weather forecast.  Maybe he loves Football and would like to stay up to date on all the stats.  No matter what your Dad is into, there's probably an app out there for it!

7. Create a Coupon Book - Give Dad a book of coupons that he can use whenever he wants.  It could include items like cooking dinner, taking the trash out, giving him a foot rub, etc.  You should even throw in there a big bear hug!  Make it as fun or practical as you want, he will enjoy your creativity and thoughtfulness.

8. Homemade Treats - What Dad doesn't love cookies or cupcakes?  Make him something sweet for Father's Day.  Not only will he love it, you aren't spending a fortune on an item he may or may not use.

Now you have plenty of ideas to choose from and you won't have to make up some excuse why you don't have a Father's Day Gift!  And Dad will be surprised with your thoughtfulness when he doesn't pull out that tie or coffee mug that he was expecting.  From everyone here at Above & Beyond Roofing, we hope you have a very Happy Father's Day Weekend!

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