The Time to Winterize is Here!

Dropping temps, turning leaves and shorter days means it is time to winterize your home.  This "honey-do" is never at the top of the list but it is a necessary maintenance.  By doing a few simple things you can save a ton of money through the winter months.
  • Block the leaks!  Find the leaks on a breezy day by walking around inside holding a lit incense stick to the most common drafty areas.  Be sure to check recessed lighting, window and door frames and electrical outlets. Fill the leaks with caulk or whatever treatment is appropriate.
  • Clean the Gutters! Once the leaves fall, be sure to get all of the debris out of your gutters.  Clogged drains can cause an ice dam to form causing all sorts of problems.  If you see what looks like damage while cleaning you can request an inspection of your gutters and roof from a Lake of the Ozarks Roofer.
  • Insulate to keep heat in.  At least 12 inches of insulation is recommended in your attic for maximum benefit.  You will not only feel this in the room temperature but also in your wallet!
  • Check your furnace now to make sure it is working properly. You will also have time to get repairs done if needed before the really cold weather hits.
  • Get your ducts in a row.  They aren't always easy to see, but you can often find them exposed in the attic, the basement and crawlspaces. Repair places where pipes are pinched and fix gaps with a metal-backed tape (duct tape actually doesn't stand up to the job over time).  You should also vacuum ducts periodically to clean out all the dust, animal hair and other particles that accumulate to breathe easier.
  • Reverse the ceiling fan so it is pushing warm air down and keeping it circulating.
  • Ensure window seals are tight and you aren't losing heat and letting in cold.  If you need to put plastic on them be sure to do it before it gets too cold for the seal to adhere tight.
By taking time to do a few simple things you can save yourself money on monthly bills and avoid costly repairs.  We hope you find this information helpful!

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