From Your House to Your Dog's House

Everyone knows that dog owners will do just about anything for their adopted kiddos.  Making an outdoor home for the pooch with all the comforts of their indoor home is very important.  

There are several things to consider when choosing and placing your pet's humble abode. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • The size of the dog will ultimately determine the interior size needed for comfort of the animal.  Make sure there is plenty of room for him to turn around and stretch out comfortably inside the structure.  
  • The entrance needs to be appropriate for the dogs height and jumping capabilities as well.
  • Elevate the dog house so it is not sitting directly on the ground to avoid water from coating the floor of the house.  Also having a slanted roof that is properly built will help to keep out the elements.  
  • The material used in the roof is important to consider as well to help with naturally heating and cooling.  
  • Consider insulation, depending on your climate, which helps in both hot and cold seasons.  
  • Placement is also key to avoid too much sunshine or not enough.

Many will model the dog house after their own home which adds to the aesthetic beauty of their landscaping.  Luxury dog homes are also emerging across the country and offer amenities most would not even dream of.  From swimming pools and interior running tracks for dreary days to heating & cooling systems and TV's these lucky dogs have everything and more!  
All things to consider when making a comfortable home for your dog.

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