7 Tips For Keeping Your Gutters Debris Free

Preventive Maintenance Is Key!

Any homeowner can tell you that keeping the honey do's checked off is very important and can save you costly repairs in the long run.  

One of the easiest chores to overlook is cleaning the gutters.  Good maintenance is what it takes to keep a waterfall from flowing from your home. 

Here are some easy tips to make cleaning the gutters easier:
  1. Wear gloves if you are digging out debris by hand to avoid cuts and scrapes.
  2. Clean in both the spring and the fall so the build up doesn't solidify as much, making it harder to remove.
  3. Using a metal scoop will make it easier to remove items wedged tightly in the small space.
  4. Have a good ladder of the correct height for your roof so you are above the gutter, providing a more stable base.  A free standing ladder is best but if you must use an extension ladder make sure it is leaning against something stable and not the gutter which will bend under pressure.
  5. Get a power washer with a telescopic end that will spray through the gutter as opposed to digging out waste by hand.
  6. Make sure your downspouts are clear so the water flows out away from your home and not pooling around the foundation.
  7. To prevent cleaning all together purchase Gutter Guards to cover the gutters.  Guards allow water to pass through without bringing the leaves and stems with it, keeping the gutters for the most part clean.  They are a bit of an investment but well worth it if you want to save the time and energy of doing it yourself.
If you find yourself having problems beyond what you can comfortably handle yourself, get a free inspection to determine the best solution.  Give us a call at Above & Beyond Roofing and we will come out at no cost to you and let you know the best solution!

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