Why you Should Consider a Metal Roof for you Lake of the Ozarks Home

More and more people are considering a metal roof for their home - Above and Beyond Roofing is your Trusted Lake of the Ozarks Roofing company and is highly skilled in installing a metal roof for your home or business.  If you are considering a Metal Roof for your home, here are the advantages and disadvantages of this choice. The best option is to consult with the Best Lake of the Ozarks Roofer - we offer a free inspection and quote in just a few days from the time of request.

The high-tech clean look of today's metal roofs will suit the architectural style of many homes and businesses.  However, you can still purchase corrugated, barn-style metal roofs if that is the desired look you are trying to achieve.  Consider the other benefits of upgrading your roof to metal.

  • VERY Durable - although it is lightweight, the metal roof will hold up to many harsh elements. This non-combustible, highly fire-retardant roofing option will stand up to wind, hail and and severe storms.
  • Attractive clean look that offers a contemporary design to improve your home's curb appeal.
  • Energy Efficiency - The metal roof will reflect sun and protect your home from the heat and damaging sun rays. The metal roof is also very good of shedding snow build up during the winter.
  • Cost - the metal roof is typically one of the more expensive options when it comes to roofing your home.  However, the benefits will be well worth the initial investment if you intend to be in your home for more than 10 years.
  • Noise - some think the sound of rain on a metal roof is relaxing while others find it to be too noisy.  
We hope this information is helpful to you - remember the best way to ensure that your roof is in its best shape is to call the BEST Lake of the Ozarks Roofing Company for a free inspection and quote.   

At Above & Beyond Roofing, we pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated, being open 7- days a week, and we turn the average roofing job in one day!  Contact Ben or Melissa for a free estimate on your next project at 573-302-0354!!

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