Beware of Storm Chasing Roofing Companies ❗πŸ‘€

With the recent severe hail storm that hit Jefferson City, MO and the surrounding area, it’s possible that you’ve already witnessed a few out of town roofing companies. Following big storms, there are construction companies that follow these types of storms to try and capitalize on insurance claims. It’s important to be aware of these companies and understand why it’s best to steer clear from their tactics. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t hire an out of town roofing company to replace your roof if it’s been damaged.

These Companies Are Looking for Quantity NOT Quality 

Storm chasers move from town to town for a reason — to replace as many roofs, siding, gutters, etc. as possible in as little time as possible. With that being said, they are often more concerned about the quantity of repairs or replacements they make and not focused on the quality of work they are doing.

Take Advantage of Your Home Owners Insurance

When you experience hail damage, you can typically file an insurance claim to help pay for your roofing expense. Storm chasing roofing companies know this and take full advantage. They often promise to replace your roof without having to pay for your deductible. This is because they typically cut corners with roofing material and replace the roof for as cheap as possible.

The homeowner gets burned because the roof is not restored to the original condition and will likely experience problems with their roofs in the near future.

They Aren’t Here When Something Goes Wrong 

Out of town roofing companies have little to no incentive to complete high quality work because they will be out of town by the time a homeowner has a problem with their roof. There is nothing holding them accountable for their work because they’ve already moved on to the next storm.

Trust Your LOCAL Roofing Company! 

Above & Beyond Roofing has been serving the area for the past 16 years and we are absolutely committed to producing high quality work on every job. If your home was hit by the recent hail storm, give our professional roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks a call and we would be happy to complete a free roof inspection. If your home suffered any damage to your siding or gutters we can  assist with that as well. We do work closely with insurance companies if you need help with making a claim but we never use this as a tactic to sell more roofs or take advantage of homeowners. We are committed to helping our customers and our local roofing company will be here for you when the other companies leave town!

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