3 Strategies for Choosing a Roof Color

When it comes time to install a new roof at the Lake of the Ozarks, you have a lot to consider. What roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks will you use, which material is best for your roof, and which color you like best! Above & Beyond Roofing has over 100 years of combined experience on their team, so choosing the best roofer at the Lake of the Ozarks is easy -Call Above & Beyond Roofing! However, choosing the color of your roof may not be quite as simple. That's why today, we have three strategies for selecting the roofing color for your home.

#1 Compliment Your Siding

While you want your roof to compliment the siding on your home, you don't want them to match. Choosing the exact same shade for your shingles and your siding won't look as good as it sounds. The most visually appealing roof and siding combinations are colors that are complementary. In addition, if your siding is busy, like brick or stone, you want to choose a simple single color for your roof. Two multi-color combinations will make your home look very busy. Not only should the colors compliment each other, but also the patterns.

#2 Consider Heat Retention

The color of your roof can have a significant effect on heat retention. During the summer months at the Lake of the Ozarks, outdoor temperatures can get quite high. Studies have shown that the wood under black shingles can get up to 10 degrees hotter than the wood under white shingles. Darker roofs tend to attract more heat. Therefore, you might want to consider something a little lighter. You'll be thankful when you get that summer utility bill.

#3 Think About Painting

Keep in mind that painting the siding, doors, and windows on your home is easier than changing out your roof. Therefore, don't choose your roof color solely based on those features of your home that can be painted a different color. As long as your home isn't brick or stone, you have a little more flexibility with roof color. You can always paint those other features of your home to compliment your roof better later. If you do have a brick or stone house, be sure to compare a sample shingle to it before making a final decision.

A new roof is an investment in your home and you will want to choose your roof color carefully becasue after you put on a new roof, you shouldn't have to replace for at least 15 years and hopefully even longer than that! If you are still unsure which roof color to choose, give Above & Beyond Roofing a call! We can help you choose the best roof color and provide you with a FREE roof estimate at the Lake of the Ozarks!
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