Common Roof Support Problems

While the shingles come top of mind when you think about a roof, there are other aspects of your roof to also be concerned with. Since the roof supports are hidden away, many homeowners don't think about them until there's a major issue. Today's blog from your favorite Lake of the Ozarks roofer discusses some common roof support problems that homeowners should be aware of.

Sagging Roof 

There are a variety of things that could cause a sagging roof. While more common in older properties, this issue can also occur with a new roof that was improperly installed. The use of incorrectly sized strutting beams or the wrong material for the beams can cause your roof to sag. A longer or heavier roof may need to be supported with more durable beams, such as steel instead of just wood. Another cause of a sagging roof is if the roof weight changes from when the home was originally built. Switching from asphalt shingles to cement tiles adds extra weight to your roof that the beams may not be able to support. Beams and other supports need to be considered during any major roofing changes, such as a re-roof.

Rot and Mold Growth 

Roof leaks, if not caught in the early stages, can lead to major structural issues like rot and mold growth on the beams and rafters. Leaks that soak the roof supports repeatedly will eventually cause damage and rot in even the toughest supports. Leaks can have many causes such as from animals looking for a new nest, long-term shingle damage or condensation from poorly ventilated attics. If your roof supports show signs of rot and/or mold growth, they will need to be replaced. Failure to do so could lead to a roof collapse.

Sagging Floor 

While issue with your floor may seem more like a foundation issue than a roof issue, that's not always the case. It's very important that roof braces land on designated interior "load-bearing" walls. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for builders to put the braces on the closest/most convenient walls. Over time, this can lead to floor sagging because most floor joists are not sized for roof loads. Poorly braced rafters can also cause sagging roofs, crooked rooftops and other serious structural problems. Structural issues like these can be difficult to solve without major renovations.

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