St. Patrick's Day Trivia to Share

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, the Irish holiday full of luck and everything green! How are you celebrating the holiday this weekend? Are you headed out with family and friends? To add to the entertainment, share some of these fun trivia questions with them and see who knows the most about St. Patrick's Day and the Irish!

1. What does Erin go Bragh translate to? 

A. Happy St. Patrick's Day
B. Ireland Forever
C. Good Luck
D. Go Ireland

2. The very first St. Patrick's Day Parade was not held in Ireland. Where was it held? 

A. Boston
B. Philadelphia
C. New York City
D. Savannah

3. The traditional color of St. Patrick's time was not green, but what color? 

A. Orange
B. White
C. Blue
D. Gold

4. Ireland's national symbol is what? 

A. The Shamrock
B. The Celtic Harp
C. The Celtic Cross
D. The Leprechaun

5. St. Patrick was not actually born in Ireland, but kidnapped and taken there. Where was he born? 

A. England
B. Germany
C. Belgium
D. Wales

6. Why is St. Patrick's Day celebrated on March 17th? 

A. It's the day St. Patrick died.
B. It's the day St. Patrick was born.
C. It's the day St. Patrick ran the snakes out of Ireland.
D. It's the day St. Patrick was kidnapped.

7. Originally, St. Patrick's Day was created for what purpose? 

A. For an excuse to drink heavily.
B. As a day of prayer for spiritual missions.
C. To celebrate Ireland with parades and fun.
D. For an excuse to take the day off work.

8. What will kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland bring you? 

A. Good Luck
B. Eloquence
C. Beauty
D. Strength

9. What should you NOT do if you catch a leprechaun? 

A. Kiss him.
B. Take your eyes off him.
C. Feed him.
D. Bathe him.

10. What happens if you don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day? 

A. You'll get pinched.
B. You'll be cursed.
C. You'll turn into a leprechaun.
D. You'll become poor.


1. B - Ireland Forever
2. A - Boston
3. C - Blue
4. B - The Celtic Harp
5. D - Wales
6. A - The day St. Patrick died.
7. B - A day of prayer for spiritual missions.
8. B - Eloquence
9. B - Take your eyes off him.
10. A - You'll get pinched.

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