Understanding Different Roof Types - Part 2

Last week, we discussed several different types of roofs, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Today's blog continues the discussion with a few more types of roofs that could be considered for your Lake of the Ozarks roof design.

5. Flat Roof. 

Flat roofs appear to be completely flat with no pitch, but in fact they do have a slight pitch to allow for water run-off and drainage. This type of roof is typically installed on industrial and commercial buildings. Extra living space on top of the roof, such as a patio or garden is easily incorporated with this type of roof. Heating and cooling units can also be placed on flat roofs to keep them out of sight. Flat roofs are easier to construct, require less building materials and are cheaper to install. The down side is that flat roofs are the most susceptible to water leakage.

6. Bonnet Roof. 

Kicked-eaves or bonnet roofs are double sloped with the lower slope set at less of an angle than the upper one. Think of it like a reverse mansard roof. The lower slope hangs over the side of the house making an excellent porch cover. This type of roof is not commonly used in modern homes. The benefits of this style roof include extra living space or vaulted ceilings. The overhanging eaves not only allow for a covered porch, but help protect the walls from water damage. Water easily runs off the slopes making it more durable than a gable roof. The down side is that the complex design requires more building materials and it's more difficult to construct. This can make the roof more expensive than other types.

7. Saltbox Roof. 

A saltbox roof is asymetrical in design, where one side is very short and the other is very long. This type of roof is seen in early Colonial and Cape Cod style homes. The slope makes it easier for water to run off, and the design makes it more durable than a simple gable roof. This type of roof also allows for more living space by making a home one and half to two stories. The down side is that this type of roof design can be tricky, resulting in higher building costs.

8. Skillion Roof. 

A skillion, shed roof or lean-to is a single sloping roof. This type of roof can be thought of as a half of a pitched roof or a more angled flat roof. The skillion type roof is most commonly used for home additions, sheds and porches. However, they are becoming more common on the entire structure of modern style homes. They are easy to assemble and use much fewer building materials than other roof types. Their steep pitch allows snow and water to easily run off. The main disadvantage to this type of roof is that if the roof pitch is too high, it can result in ceilings being too low. This type of roof can also present problems in areas with high wind.

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