5 Signs Your Roof is Not Properly Ventilated

Proper roof ventilation is important for not only personal comfort within the home, but also for the life expectancy of your Lake of the Ozarks roof. The performance of the heating and air conditioning system can also be affected by a lack of ventilation. Improper ventilation can lead to wood rot, clumping insulation and mold in your attic, as well as severe roof damage.

Signs Your Roof Isn't Properly Ventilated 

1. An Excessively Hot Attic. 

Excess heat that builds up in the attic with nowhere to go can create extreme temperatures in the summer months. (You may also notice your air conditioner working much harder.) This heat could actually scorch shingles and roofing material, leading to the need for premature replacement. If you're attic is too hot for you to stand, you might consider having a professional roofer at the Lake the Ozarks come inspect your roof for any issues.

2. Matted or Flattened Insulation. 

When excessive moisture starts to collect in your attic, it penetrates the insulation first. If you notice that your insulation looks clumped or flattened, it's likely from moisture. To inspect the situation further, put on a respirator, separate a few batts of insulation and look for mold inside. Mold tends to grow when it's warmer, so this issue may become more noticeable in the spring and early summer. 

3. Damp or Moldy Rafters and Ceiling Joints. 

One of the most noticeable signs that your home is improperly ventilated is the presence of condensation, mold and mildew in the attic. Under cold weather conditions, the moisture in the warm air from inside your home will condense on the underside of the roof deck, leading to mold growth and the rapid deterioration of the wood decking under your roof. Inspect the rafters and ceiling joints for moisture and any signs of mold or mildew. 

4. Rusty Metal Fasteners. 

Fasteners include screws, nails or bolts. When your attic is filled with excess moisture from improper ventilation, these fasteners can easily become rusted. When those get rusty and loose, you could experience shingle loss. The moisture caused by condensation inside your attic can also lead to rust on things like plumbing, heating and venting duct straps. 

5. Ice Dams on Your Roof. 

During the winter months, improper ventilation can lead to ice dams on your roof. This is where snow melts on your roof and then freezes again at the edge of the roof or in the gutters, prevent the proper flow of water off the roof. The main cause of this roofing issue is an excessively warm attic. 

Proper ventilation, along with regular maintenance, will ensure your roof stays in tip-top shape. For a free roof inspection at the Lake of the Ozarks, give us a call at 573-302-0354. At Above & Beyond Roofing, we specialize in both residential and commercial roofing, plus siding, gutters, soffit and fascia. We've got all your Lake of the Ozarks roofing needs covered!

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