Labor Day Trivia

Labor Day Weekend has arrived! While Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, that's not the reason we celebrate it. Labor Day celebrates the contributions and achievements of the U.S. work force. How many of these Labor Day Trivia questions do you know the answer to?

Labor Day Trivia

1. On which date was the first Labor Day celebrated? 

A. September 1, 1882
B. September 2, 1886
C. September 5, 1882
D. September 4, 1886

2. Who is widely believed to be the father of Labor Day? 

A. Peter McGuire 
B. Matthew Maguire
C. Leslie Smith
D. Samuel Gompers

3. Which state had the first Labor Day law passed on Feb. 21, 1887?

A. New Jersey
B. Oregon
C. Colorado
D. New York

4. Originally, Labor Day began as __________. 

A. a demonstration demanding rights for workers. 
B. a way to let hard workers have an extra day off work. 
C. a way for employers to reward their employees. 
D. a day to work outdoors, on the farm or in the fields. 

5. Where was the first Labor Day parade in the United States held? 

A. New Orleans 
B. Boston
C. Washington D.C. 
D. New York City

6. In what year was the 8-hour work day firmly established? 

A. 1836
B. 1842
C. 1916
D. 1883

7. Which U.S. President signed the bill making Labor Day a national holiday? 

A. Chester A. Arthur
B. Grover Cleveland
C. Woodrow Wilson
D. Rutherford B. Hayes

8. What are we celebrating on Labor Day? 

A. The unofficial end to summer. 
B. The contributions and achievements of the U.S. workforce. 
C. A 3-day weekend. 
D. All of the above. 

9. What nickname was assigned to 19th-century labor activist Peter McQuire? 

A. Disturber of the Public Peace
B. The People's Spokesperson
C. The Voice of the Multitudes
D. Rabblerouser

10. When was the first labor strike in U.S. history believed to have occurred? 

A. 1729
B. 1886
C. 1882
D. 1636 


1. C - September 5, 1882
2. A - Peter McGuire
3. B - Oregon
4. A - a demonstration demanding rights for workers.
5. D - New York City
6. C - 1916
7. B - Grover Cleveland
8. D - All of the above.
9. A - Disturber of the Public Peace
10. D - 1636

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