Insufficient Ventilation Can Affect Your Roof

Most homeowners are unaware of the damage that can be caused by poor attic ventilation. An astonishing 9 out of 10 homes in North America have improper attic ventilation. Our Lake of the Ozarks roofing company is here to explain some of the major roof damages caused by insufficient ventilation.

How Attic Ventilation Works

Attic ventilation refers to the constant flow of outside air through your attic. This ventilation serves two main purposes:
  1. During the winter, it is important for cold outdoor air to keep the attic cool. Otherwise, moisture from cooking vapors, showers, household appliances, etc. builds up in your attic and moistens the underside of the roof. When the moisture drips, it wets the insulation causing it to not perform as well. A warm attic can also lead to ice damming when snow or ice on the roof begins to melt. This can cause leaks in your home. Good ventilation will reduce the moisture before damage an occur. 
  2. During the summer, the natural air flow prevents heat buildup by moving hot air to the roof deck and out of the attic. This helps your insulation block the heat from entering the rest of the house. 

Damage From Inadequate Ventilation  

Homeowners often make the common mistake of blocking the flow of air at the roof's eaves when installing insulation. Insufficient ventilation in your attic can cause major damages such as:

  • Eroded Insulation
  • Buckled Shingles
  • Premature Aging of Your Roof
  • Warping of Your Roof Deck 
  • Cracking or Warping of Your Home's Wood Frame
  • Damage to the Paint or Siding of Your Home
  • Peeling or Warping of the Paint or Wallpaper in the Interior
  • Mildew Growth

Proper Attic Ventilation

In order for proper ventilation to occur, all you need is the perfect balance between air intake and air exhaust roofing vents. Air intake vents are installed at your roof's eaves or soffits and provide continuous airflow. Air exhaust vents are installed at or near your roof ridge and provide continuous outflow of attic air.

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