6 Steps to Animal Proof Your Roof and Home

When was the last time you inspected your home for deteriorated trim and fascia boards, holes in the attic vents or an open chimney on your Lake of the Ozarks roof? All these areas present an opportunity for wildlife to get into your home! Wildlife experts at the Humane Society recommend assessing the condition of your home a couple times a year to keep wildlife intrusions and other problems at bay. A few simple steps can help keep unwanted visitors out of your home!

1. From the Ground Up Check the Foundation. 

Check the foundation for any openings and signs of animal activity where pipes, vents and cables exit the home. Look at places where different types of building materials come together. Window wells, dryer exhaust vents, thresholds and gaps in brick or siding can all provide possible entryways. If you find holes smaller than a few inches, those can easily be caulked, stuffed with copper mesh or filled with expandable foam. Larger openings, however, should be repaired to original condition.

2. Check the Roof, Siding and Trim Board. 

From the outside or from a ladder, look for loose vent screens, warped siding, trim board that is deteriorated and pulled away from the wall or roof holes. If you think you've found some spots on your roof that need repaired, contact your Lake of the Ozarks roofer for a FREE inspection.

3. Inspect the Attic Thoroughly. 

Inspect attics with a flashlight for any signs of animals. Look for droppings, signs of chewing and nesting material. Pay attention to the intersection of roof and trim, and any gable or exhaust vents. Often times, these are covered with light bug screens that won't stand up to squirrels and raccoons. If a hole is found, assume that an animal is present and do not seal it up! You want to make sure that all animals are gone first. Turn off attic lights and look for outside light leaking in, which will lead you to possible entry points.

4. Test for Animals. 

As mentioned above, don't seal any holes until you know there are no creatures present. You can test an opening by stuffing the hole loosely with a paper towel and waiting to see if it gets moved. After three days of mild weather, if they paper hasn't moved, you should be safe to go ahead and seal it up. If the weather is inclement, beware of animals that may not come and go in those conditions. You may need to extend your test if the weather is bad. If there's a possibility of bats, use caution because they won't push through the paper and they are hard to see. You may consider calling an animal control specialist if you suspect an animal in your attic.

5. Check Around the Chimney. 

Start by checking inside by shining a light up the flue, looking for animal signs on the damper and smoke shelf. Check the chimney flue from the roof to make sure no animals are present. You may want to call a chimney sweep to do this for you. Once all is clear, you should install an animal-proof chimney cap.

6. Trim Trees and Brush. 

Keep your branches trimmed six feet away from your house to not only limit access to wildlife, but to prevent damage to the roof that may allow animal entry in the future. If you suspect that damage may have already been done to the roof, contact Above & Beyond Roofing to check it out for you.

By following these steps now, you can prevent costly Lake of the Ozarks roof repairs. Even if you do need some repairs, you may not have to replace the entire roof. Above & Beyond Roofing, your locally owned residential and commercial roofing specialist, can come inspect your roof for free and let you know what the repairs will entail. The company has more than 100 years' experience so you'll know you're in good hands!

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