Time to Clean Out the Gutters!

Now is the time to be making sure everything is ready to go for whatever weather the Winter season throws your way.  In order to keep your roof at the Lake of the Ozarks in good condition, you'll need to clean out your gutters. Snowmelt needs a place to go or it can cause damage to your roof. Cleaning the gutters is a job that's easily put off, but its important to start now rather than waiting until the last leaf falls!

Clogged Gutter Problems

The problem goes beyond the annoying waterfalls pouring off the roof or the pretty icicles in the winter. Excess water can wreak havoc on your home and cause major damage.  Gutters are designed to properly drain water from the roof down away from the home and its foundation.  If the gutters are clogged, they cannot work properly.  Here are just some of the many problems clogged gutters can cause:

  • Weight - gutters filled to the brim with leaves, twigs and other debris get even heavier when water comes into play.  This stress on the gutters and hanging brackets can pull the gutters off the house.  Falling gutters can also cause damage to lights, windows or anything else they hit when coming down. 
  • Paint/Siding Damage - overflowing water from gutters can damage the paint and siding on a home.  Not only are watermarks unsightly, but if water gets inside a wall the wood rots and loses its integrity.  This type of damage can often go unseen behind the siding until its too late. 
  • Ice-Damming - another major issue with clogged gutters is when blocked water freezes and backs up in the gutters.  This pushes against the roof structure and works its way under the shingles destroying the wood and causing leaks. 
  • Flooded Basements/Cracking Foundations - water that isn't drained away from the house can pool up around the foundation and will expand when frozen.  This expansion can cause cracks which lead to floods in your basement or crawl space. 

Gutter Cleaning Tips

The Lowe's Home Improvement video above does a nice job of explaining how to clean out your gutters, what tools you might need and how to perform minor repairs.  Here are few other tips for preparing your gutters before Winter arrives:

  • Remove Debris - when removing the leaves, twigs and other debris that has built up in your gutters, pay special attention to the downspout.  If debris along with mildew and mud are clogging the downspout, it won't drain properly. 
  • Check Gutter Spikes - check all the spikes that are supposed to go through the gutter, through the fascia board and into the rafter behind it.  It's a good idea to invest in new gutter spikes so the gutters are securely fastened once again. 
  • Watch for Leaks - look for holes in the gutters and cracked caulking in the seams.  Use a chisel to remove the old caulking and replace with new bead silicon sealing to keep water from getting behind the gutters and causing the boards to rot. 
  • Pressure Wash - once you've removed everything, you can start cleaning with a pressure washer.  If you've secured the gutters properly, a pressure washer won't hurt them as long as you follow the pressure washer instructions.  

If you suspect you need some new gutters at the Lake of the Ozarks, give Above & Beyond Roofing a call! In addition to commercial and residential roofing, we offer siding, soffit, fascia and gutters. We guarantee high quality work along with professional and personal service.  Give us a call at 573-302-0354 for all your roof related needs at the Lake of the Ozarks!

At Above & Beyond Roofing, we pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated, being open 7- days a week, and we turn the average roofing job in one day!  Contact Ben or Melissa for a free estimate on your next project at 573-302-0354!

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