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How Much Do You Know About Labor Day?

Who's ready for the 3-day weekend? In celebration of the holiday weekend, your favorite Lake of the Ozarks roofer has gathered a list of Labor Day trivia questions to test your knowledge. Share these fun facts with your friends and family while you're gathered this weekend! Labor Day Trivia Questions 1. On which date was the first Labor Day parade held?  A. September 1, 1886 B. September 2, 1882 C. September 3, 1886 D. September 5, 1882 2. What two people are credited as the founders of Labor Day?  A. Peter J. McGuire & Matthew Maguire B. Leslie Smith & Matthew Maguire C. President Grover Cleveland & Matthew Maguire  D. President Grover Cleveland & Peter J. McGuire  3. Which state had the first Labor Day law, passed on February 21, 1887?  A. New York  B. New Jersey  C. Oregon  D. Colorado 4. Which U.S. President signed the bill making Labor Day a national holiday?  A. Grover Cleveland  B. Benjamin Harrison

7 Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Whether you're in need of roof repairs or an entire re-roof, it's important that you hire the right company for the job! Be thorough in interviewing prospective companies to work with on this investment. Before agreeing to work with a roofing contractor at the Lake of the Ozarks , be sure to ask these questions: 1. Do You Offer Free Estimates?  Before getting a new roof, you're going to want an assessment of the roof's current condition. You're also going to want to know how much you are going to need to invest in a new roof for your home. Most reputable roofing companies at the Lake of the Ozarks will offer both free inspections and free estimates. 2. Are You Licensed and Insured?  While the requirements may differ, every state requires that contractors be licensed. Ask the contractor to show you proof of licensing or check with your local government offices. Insurance is also extremely important in the contracting industry. You want to make sure they

5 Signs Your Roof is Not Properly Ventilated

Proper roof ventilation is important for not only personal comfort within the home, but also for the life expectancy of your Lake of the Ozarks roof . The performance of the heating and air conditioning system can also be affected by a lack of ventilation. Improper ventilation can lead to wood rot, clumping insulation and mold in your attic, as well as severe roof damage. Signs Your Roof Isn't Properly Ventilated  1. An Excessively Hot Attic.  Excess heat that builds up in the attic with nowhere to go can create extreme temperatures in the summer months. (You may also notice your air conditioner working much harder.) This heat could actually scorch shingles and roofing material, leading to the need for premature replacement. If you're attic is too hot for you to stand, you might consider having a professional roofer at the Lake the Ozarks come inspect your roof for any issues. 2. Matted or Flattened Insulation.  When excessive moisture starts to collect i

4 Benefits of Having Your Roof Professionally Inspected

Your Lake of the Ozarks roof is a big investment, one that you want to protect. The best way to do that is to have it regularly inspected. Even if your roof looks fine to the naked eye, there could be minor issues, that if not addressed, could lead to costly roofing problems. In today's blog, your favorite Lake of the Ozarks roofers offers a few of the benefits of having your roof professional inspected. 1. It Doesn't Cost You.  Our roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks offers FREE roof inspections. Why wouldn't you want to have a professional, that's trained to recognize roofing problems, check out your roof if it's free? At no cost to you, you can have peace of mind that your roof is in the proper condition to protect your home and it's contents, including your family. Now doesn't that sound like a great deal?  2. Professionals Have Experience.  Unless you're a car enthusiast or auto mechanic by trade, you likely wouldn't

The Great Bagnell Dam Duck Drop

The 9th Annual Great Bagnell Dam Duck Drop is this weekend! This is one of the most fun family events of the season. You won't want to miss it! Above & Beyond Roofing , your premier roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks , is a proud sponsor of this annual charity event at the Lake of the Ozarks. Photo Credit: Great Dam Duck Drop Website Golf Tournament  Friday, August 4 is the Duck Drop Golf Tournament. Teams of 4 golfers will gather to compete in this "quacky" tournament filled with crazy holes and fun obstacles! There will be a hole in 1 and putting contest for a chance to win big cash prizes. Lunch and registration starts at Noon, with a 1:00 shotgun start for the tournament. Proceeds from the golf tournament will benefit the Lake Area Big Brothers Big Sisters & Ozark Coast Kiwanis, both helping local children here at the Lake. Photo Credit:  Great Dam Duck Drop Website Fun Zone Bring kids of all ages down to the Lake Ozark Campground &