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Tile Roof offers more than Just a SouthWestern Flair

Many people will choose a Tile Roof for their home to add a "southwestern flair" to the appearance of their home.  Like all materials that you choose for your roof, tile has it's advantages and disadvantages.   Tile roofing is often used in Arizona and other sunny regions because it lasts a long time and won't burn under the sun. Here are a few things to think about if you are considering a Tile Roof. Advantages: Longevity This type of roofing material will last a long time - Some manufacturers estimate their product will last as long as 50 years!! Classic Style - Clay and concrete tiles offer a very distinctive Southwestern look to your home.   Options - Some manufacturers are improving their producst by creating tile that looks like wood shakes and are lighter-weight. Fire Resistant Rot and Insect Resistant Disadvantages: Weight - Tile is usually very heavy and this will often require some type of reinforcement to support the weight. If you are r

Why you Should Consider a Metal Roof for you Lake of the Ozarks Home

More and more people are considering a metal roof for their home - Above and Beyond Roofing is your Trusted Lake of the Ozarks Roofing company and is highly skilled in installing a metal roof for your home or business.  If you are considering a Metal Roof for your home , here are the advantages and disadvantages of this choice. The best option is to consult with the Best Lake of the Ozarks Roofer - we offer a free inspection and quote in just a few days from the time of request. The high-tech clean look of today's metal roofs will suit the architectural style of many homes and businesses.  However, you can still purchase corrugated, barn-style metal roofs if that is the desired look you are trying to achieve.  Consider the other benefits of upgrading your roof to metal. Advantages: VERY Durable - although it is lightweight, the metal roof will hold up to many harsh elements. This non-combustible, highly fire-retardant roofing option will stand up to wind, hail and and sev

What are the Advantages of 3-Tab Shingles?

Above and Beyond Roofing is a trusted Lake of the Ozarks Roofing Company and offers several different types of shingles for your home - so how do you know which one is the right one for your home?  The best solution is to give us a call or go online for a free quote request for your roof  - we are quick to schedule an inspection of your roof and quick to get you an estimate. However, we realize that many customers want to do the research - so over the next few weeks we will cover the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of shingles that we offer.  This week we will cover the 3-tab shingle. This type of shingle is a classic shingle that has been around for a long time.  This is popular for many reasons but many times is chosen because it it the most cost efficient for the builder or owner. Advantages Typically the most cost efficient of all shingles Good variety of color families to chose  Many of the shingles are rated at 25 and 30 year Disadvantages De

Why Choose Above and Beyond Roofing as your Lake of the Ozarks Roofer?

You have many options when choosing a Lake of the Ozarks Roofer , so what makes Above and Beyond Roofing stand out from the rest??  Here are some things we want you to know about our work ethic and our business when choosing a roofing company at Lake of the Ozarks ! Ben Kroksen, owner of the company or one of his lead foreman (Dave or Rob) will meet with every customer and bid the roof.  Whoever bids the roof, will also be ON the job to ensure it is done right!  The home owner/contractor will have total communication with the lead foreman on the job.  You will receive either Ben, Dave or Rob's cell phone numbers along with the office number so all questions and concerns can be addressed in a timely manner. We make every attempt to get ALL bids completed within 24 hours.  Many times, we will even do the work the same day.   Request a  Free Inspection on your Roof !! We work hard to get the customer what they need.  We can meet with the adjuster to ensure that your roof has

Above & Beyond Roofing is Committed to Excellence in the Community!

The Lake of the Ozarks has a diverse group of people, but one thing remains strong in heart of each and that is the community involvement/betterment. Lake of the Ozarks community programs range in size and scope but the common thread of each is the desire to HELP. The Team at Above & Beyond Roofing strives to perform at a superior level when it comes to both business and community outreach.  Giving back to our community is the mindset that has driven our company to success.  We take pride in the community and charity work that we have had the opportunity to be involved with over the years. In 2009, we made the decision to help feed our community by donating 100 cans of food to the Lamb House for every home roof that we completed.   2009 - 2,500 cans  2010 - 3,200 cans  2011 - 3,400 cans 2012 - 4,100 cans We have also made great efforts to reach out to other organizations such as: Cops on Top The Chef's Challenge Relay for Life Christmas for Kids We