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7 Natural Things that Endanger Your Roof

While roofs are designed to withstand the elements and protect your home from them, certain circumstances can pose a threat to the integrity of your roof. There are a variety of natural things that can endanger your roof, especially if there are already existing problems with your roof. Keep reading to learn more about what can affect your roof from your Lake of the Ozarks roofer . 1. Hail Even the smallest hail stones can damage your roofing shingles. Every strike from hail results in weakened shingles and granule loss. While it may not destroy all your shingles at once, it will gradually cause problems with each storms that hits. Weak or missing granules can lead to roof leaks. 2. Trees Whether a dying tree falls onto your roof or a storm causes branches to fly into your home, trees are common culprit in roof damages. You'll want to be sure to trim back and branches that are close to your home and remove any dead tree limbs. 3. Moisture From water leaks to humidity

7 Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Along with the warmer weather comes summer storms! As those rains are coming down, you notice a leak in your roof. Where did it come from? How do I fix it? Questions like these are running through your head. Today's blog from the best roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks discusses some of the top causes of roof leaks - and when you need a roof leak fixed, trust none other than Above & Beyond Roofing ! 1. Broken Shingles.  The most common cause of a roof leak is broken or missing shingles. High winds and heavy rains, that come with summer storms, could be the culprit of your broken shingles. You'll want to have a roofing professional at the Lake of the Ozarks come out to do the repairs before the issue causes more major roofing problems. 2. Cracked Flashing.  Flashing are thin pieces of metal that are installed under shingles and on the joints of your roof in order to create a water-resistant barrier. Roof vents are also often sealed by placing some flash

5 Reasons to Choose Above & Beyond for All Your Roofing Needs

There's no shortage of roofing companies at the Lake of the Ozarks . That's why Above & Beyond Roofing strives to stand out from the rest with quality work and great customer service. Keep reading to learn why you should choose Above & Beyond Roofing for your next roofing project! 1. We are Locally Owned & Operated.  When choosing a roofing contractor, it's important that you find someone local. Unfortunately, there are a lot of roofing companies that scam people, such as storm chasers. You want to make sure that if there is a problem with your roof after installation or repairs, that the company is going  to be around to fix the issue. Not only do you want to work with a local company, but you want to make sure they've been around for awhile. Above & Beyond Roofing has been serving the Lake of the Ozarks area since 2004. We pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated. The owner deals personally with all of his customers to provide profes

17 Roofing Terms to Know

Every industry has their own language that often sounds foreign to outsiders. While you may not need to know every roofing term out there as a homeowner, some general idea of what your roofing contractor is talking about could come in handy. Today's blog from your favorite Lake of the Ozarks roofing company discusses some roofing terms to know! Roofing Terms  In order to make educated decisions about your roofing needs, it's important that you understand some of the common roofing terminology. 1. Cornice - The portion of the roof projecting out from the side walls of the house is called the cornice. 2. Dormer - A dormer is a small structure projecting from a sloped roof, usually with a window. 3. Drip Edge - A drip edge is an L-shaped strip (usually metal) that is installed along roof edges to allow water run off to drop clear of the deck, eaves and siding. 4. Eave - The horizontal lower edge of a sloped roof is called the eave. 5. Fascia - Fascia is a wooden b