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14 Turkey Day Trivia Questions

Thanksgiving Day is almost here! Soon we'll all be surrounded with family, friends and delicious food.  Do you ever think about the first Thanksgiving celebration, how this whole tradition started?  In celebration of Turkey Day, Above & Beyond Roofing brings you these fun trivia questions to test your knowledge! 1. In what year did the first Thanksgiving celebration occur?  A. 1492 B. 1567 C. 1621 D. 1777 2. Which president made Thanksgiving an annual holiday at the end of November?  A. Abraham Lincoln B. George Washington C. James Madison D. Zachary Taylor 3. Which of America's founding fathers believed a turkey would make a better national symbol than the bald eagle?  A. George Washington B. John Adams C. James Madison D. Benjamin Franklin 4. Turkey pardoning has become a holiday tradition as presidents spare certain turkeys from becoming a main course. What did President George W. Bush do with two turkeys pardoned in 2007?  A. He controversial

Prevent Your Roof from Collapsing this Winter

The first snow of the Season has made its way to the Lake! Although that fluffly white blanket seems like a beautiful gift of nature, the snow can cause major problems for your roof. To avoid a roof collapse and costly roof repairs at the Lake of the Ozarks , take the time to remove the snow now.  Here's a breakdown of Winter roof protection from : Snow-Covered Roof Dangers Snow may seem light, but it actually holds a lot of weight.  Think about when you make a snow ball or snowman, that packed snow can be quite heavy.  The weight increases when rain, ice and sleet are added to the snow mixture.  On an average sized roof, just two feet of snow can be the equivalent of 38,000 lbs or 19 tons!  That massive amount of weight puts stress on your roof, weakening its structure.  In addition to the weight, the melting of the snow can cause water seepage, leading to rot, destruction of insulation, attic flooding, ruined gutters and even damage to your home's inter

Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner at the Lake of the Ozarks!

The Holidays are a beautiful time at the Lake!  To kick off the holiday season, the Lake of the Ozarks has many events for families to enjoy.  Thanksgiving is just two weeks away and all the best restaurants at the Lake are gearing up for the best Thanksgiving dinners possible. Check out these great places to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast this year! Thanksgiving Grand Buffet at Old Kinderhook   Join us for The Trophy Room's Thanksgiving Grand Buffet on Thursday, November 27th from 11 am - 4 pm. The menu includes turkey, prime rib, pork loin, mashed potatoes, dressing, pumpkin pie and more!  Tickets are $31 for adults and $27 for seniors.  Kids ages 5-10 can get tickets for $12, while children 4 & under are free.  For reservations, call The Trophy Room at 573-317-3560. Thanksgiving Buffet at the Inn at Grand Glaize  Enjoy this All-You-Can-Eat experience with a panoramic view of the Lake!  Tickets for adults are $16.95, while seniors' are $15.95.  Children from

Winterize Your Roof Before the Snow & Ice Appear

Winter weather in Missouri can vary drastically, you never know what to expect. However, you're sure to experience some type of sleet, snow and ice this Winter season.  The moisture from this Winter weather can take a toll on your roof at the Lake of the Ozarks .  Take some time to examine your roof before the Winter weather kicks in. Here are a few guidelines to help you ensure you're roof will hold up through the Winter. Winterizing Your Roof Eliminate any low hanging tree branches and other vegetation near your roof.  Ice and snow can accumulate on trees and branches, weighing them down until they snap.  Save yourself some stress and even possibly money by trimming back your branches before a Winter storm hits.  Check your roof for signs of pest infestation and check for weak spots that an animal might exploit in order to stay warm.  Mice, squirrels and raccoons might see your home as a shelter from the cold winter weather and they can cause major damage if they ge