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Join us for the 6th Annual Great Dam Duck Drop this Weekend!

As one of the Sponsors for the 6th Annual Great Bagnell Dam Duck Drop, Above & Beyond Roofing would like to invite you out to this family-friendly event at the Lake of the Ozarks!  From a golf tournament on Friday to the Family Fun Zone on Saturday, there's something for everyone to enjoy. So grab the kids, purchase your tickets and join us for a weekend of fun! Duck Drop Golf Tournament  Golf Tournament registration starts at 7 AM on Friday at the Cove Golf Course.  Shotgun starts at 8:30 AM with a 4-person scramble at $125 per person.  If you are a member of the Cove or Porto Cima Golf Course, you will receive special pricing.  Entry in the tournament includes: 10 Duck Drop Tickets ($50 value) for the event at Noon on Saturday Breakfast at the Cove prior to the tournament   Admission to the awards party at Savannah Grille immediately after the tournament.  Appetizers are included and Cash Bar will be available.  Tournament Goody Bag Chance at Winning a New Car, $

Storm Damage to Shingles

When choosing the type of shingles you want for your roof at the Lake of the Ozarks , there are many factors that come into play. Depending on the climate in the area where you live, some shingles would be better than others.  If you live in areas prone to hurricanes, tornadoes or other dangerous storms, different shingles will work better than others.  The National Storm Damage Center provides great information on the different ways shingles can be damaged by storms. 3-Tab Shingles  These asphalt shingles are highly susceptible to hail and wind damage. When hail strikes a 3-tab shingle, the impact causes the granules to be knocked off, exposing the base to the sun and elements. This can cause a number of problems including leaking, cracking, curling and shortened lifespan.  A tornado or strong winds can tear these shingles off, leaving your home unprotected from the elements. Long term exposure to these elements can cause wood rot and structural compromise, which can even lead

Use Your Roof to Maximize Cooling During Summer Heat

Whether you are replacing or repairing your roof at the Lake of the Ozarks , there are many ways for you to insulate for maximum cooling during these hot Summer months.  You can even save money on your utility bills! Did you know that nearly half the money you spend on utility bills goes toward heating and cooling? Energy costs are literally going through the roof!  Your roof is your first and best defense against Summer heat.  Check out these 3 ways to keep your home or business cool and save you money! Roof Insulation  Insulation plays an important role in the amount of energy used for heating and cooling.  Proper insulation will help keep the cool air inside during the warm weather. Roof insulation can typically be added relatively easily when you are building a new home or replacing your Lake of the Ozarks roof on an existing home. "Cool" Roofs  In the US, over 90% of roofs are dark-colored.  These darker roofs have low-reflectance surfaces that can reach t

Identifying Storm Damage

Storms typically do more than just get your house a little wet.  They can bring wind gusts and even hail.  This type of severe weather can cause major damage to your siding or roof at the Lake of the Ozarks .  Identifying storm damage is an important step in rendering any problems with your roof or siding.   Roof Damage  The roof is most susceptible to damage when a storm hits.  Fallen tree branches, flying debris, hail and wind are all common causes of roof damage.  If you notice any of these common signs of roof damage at the Lake of the Ozarks , give Above & Beyond Roofing a call for a free inspection! Holes in the Roof  Split Seams Missing Shingles Bruises or Dented Asphalt Shingles Cracked or Broken Tile, Slate or Concrete Shingles  Granules Collecting in Gutters or Downspouts  Leaks in Your Roof or Ceiling Dents on Vents, Gutters or Flashing  Siding Damage  Strong winds, flying debris and wind-driven hail do the most damage to the exterior of

4th of July Events at the Lake of the Ozarks

Above & Beyond Roofing has fallen in love with community ever since they moved to Lake of the Ozarks in 2004.  Participating in community events and holiday celebrations is a favorite activity for the Krokson family. We wanted to make sure you're aware of all the great events going on at the Lake this weekend for the 4th of July! Events 4th of July Celebration in Eldon Parade Downtown Eldon; 10:00 am.  A Day full of activities on July 4 at Eldon Air Park: Independence 5K, Run/Walk; 7:00 am, Vendors open; Noon – 8:00 pm, Pet Show; 1:00 pm, Carnival; 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm, Jason Earl Band; 5:00 – 9:00 pm, Fireworks begin at dusk. 4th of July Fireworks at the Lodge of Four Seasons BBQ and Carnival held prior to the fireworks event on July 4 (weather permitting).  Price is $22 for adults and $12 for children, with 5 and under free.  Paid Non-Hotel Guests must be on the Lodge of Four Seasons property before 8:00 pm.  View by water at the 13 Mile Marker. Call for details. F