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🌟 5 Star Testimonials for Above & Beyond Roofing! 🌟

When the time comes that you need a roofing company at the Lake of the Ozarks , it's important that you hire a reputable roofer that carries insurance, is licensed, and also comes highly recommend. Doing some research before you hire a company can save you money and hassle. Above & Beyond Roofing takes pride in our work and we guarantee top quality work! don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have to save about their experience with us!  "Thank you so much for the hard work you do! The quality of work, reliability, professionalism, the speed of your crews, and affordable rates makes you the best! Your company sets an example that others should take note of and learn from!" ~ Rhonda LaFoy "Thanks Ben and your team on the awesome job on our roof! Looks awesome and very quick service!" ~ Shawn Dworaczyk "Thanks Ben for sending Jason out to take care of my gutter problems. Fast, efficient service if thats what your looking for. You guys

How Can Heavy Rain Impact my Roof? ⛈️🏡

Spring is here which means spring showers and rainstorms are on their way. When the sky gets dark and the rain sets into a downpour, have you wondered how these heavy rains can impact your roof? While most rainstorms won't cause issues immediately, sometimes rain can raise awareness of an underlying issue like a roof leak. However, if it rains hard enough for a long period of time, damage can occur. Read on to find out what issues could happen during a heavy rainstorm.  Heavy Rain and Roof Damage  While roof damage is often associated with severe storms involving hail or tornadoes, even just heavy rainfall can cause problems for your roof. The intensity and amount of damage will generally be tied to the current condition of your roof. Therefore, if your roof is already in poor condition, heavy rains could cause it to fail. On the other hand, if your roof is in great condition, heavy rains alone probably won't cause any damage. Roof Leaks  Weak spots and cracked tiles or broken